Hello, my name's Nimbusoak. I'm not telling you my real name, so feel free to give me nicknames. NICKNAMES ARE COOL!
I'm a 16 year old punk rocker/comic artist/jedi from New England and I'm female, if you were wondering. For fun, I like playing video games, watching cartoons, taking my mastiff for walks, and kvetching about the idiots who run my country. I play guitar (badly). I have 8 younger siblings, which is why I'm crazy. I think.

Favorite whatnots:
Anime/Cartoons: Trigun, Blue Exorcist, Slayers, OHSHC, Cowboy Bebop, Teen Titans, Batman: The Anmimated Series and Brave and the Bold (I'm a Batman nerd , My Little Pony
Manga/Comics: Rurouni Kenshin, Hellboy, Naruto, Hopeless Savages
Movies (to name a few): Guardians of the Galaxy, Brave, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sunset Boulevard, Tangled, the original Star Wars trilogy

My new account is WildGirl1977. Check it out, you!



Hey guys-
I'm getting back on TheO, and I've started a new account. t's kinda hard to explain why...it's just that I really do want to be a part of this community, but I've been inactive so long that it felt like I couldn't just jump back in. Besides, when I was on the site before, I think I wasn't a very good friend. I mostly just logged on to talk about myself, I didn't really bother to learn about other people. Which was lousy of me, because a lot of you were really great to me. Anyway, I just kind of felt like I needed a fresh start. My new account is WildGirl1977, if anyone's interested.
Catch you later

i'm back!

Hey everyone! I haven't been on TheO for a while, but I'm happily back as of yesterday. School is practically over, so hopefully I'll have more time to go online. Unfortunately, I can't check this website from my phone like I did last summer, because I left said phone out in the rain for three days. So now when I want to check facebook or watch a video, I have to go all the way downstairs to use the computer. What is this, the middle ages????
Speaking of facebook, the stupid web filter at school won't let me on, and it's really starting to annoy me. I'm seriously considering asking my horny friend to tell me how to get around the filter, because I know he knows. The only problem with this plan is I'd have to ask my horny friend for help, and he'd make some stupid crack about me doing him a favor sometime or something like that. Stupid friend! Why are we even friends? *Grumble grumble*
Well, I'm out of things to say. I'll post more stuff later. Have a good day!

quick question

Does anyone know of a good book of Japanese folklore or fairy tales? I need one for a school project, and haven't found anything helpful. Thanks! Hope everyone's having a good Holy Week!

I'm like, baby, baby, baby, WHOAAAAAA

Sorry if the title got that song plaing in your head. It's stuck in my head, and YOU ALL MUST SUFFER WITH ME AHAHAHAHA. Some club at my school (I honestly couldn't tell you which) is trying to rais $1000 for a field trip. How are they doing that? By having a bake sale? Selling candy bars? No, they're playing Baby by Justin Beiber over the intercom during passing times all day, all week. You can donate money to the club, and they'll stop playing the song when they hit $1000. How sick is that? I mean, does high school really have to be MORE soul-destroying? "Hey, guys, these downtrodden, overtired teenagers don't seem emotionally damaged enough, let's play an irritating pop song that each and every one of them hates until they scream for mercy!" And as if listening to the Biebs all day isn't psychological torture enough, the intercom is incredibly tinny, which makes the song even crappier than it already is. And when you go to the lunchroom, the crappy sound system plus the lunchroom's acoustics combine to make it so loud and tinny, you can actually feel your ears vibrate. And we're supposed to PAY them for doing this to us? I DON'T FREAKING THINK SO! Half the school, including me and my friends, has vowed not to give them a cent. Take that, you malicious extortionists!
Have a Bieber-less day, everyone.

The Wearing of the Groan

So another St Patrick's Day has passed. What a relief. I hatew St Patrick's Day. So. Much. Sorry, it's obnoxious and unnesicary. I mean, let's look at how we celebrate it. Every March 17th, all the Irish Americans wear green shirts and leprechaun hats and shamrock-shaped sunglasses and they have a parade in Boston and Wal-Mart makes a fortune selling "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirts and The Pogues tour the East Coast.
Okay, what the hell is all the green about? It's not like in Ireland you have to wear all green, all the time or you get kicked off the island. It's really not the green that bothers me, so much as this

External Image

What the HELL does that have to do with Ireland?? Huh?? Look, if that's celebrating your Irish heritage, than I'd be celebrating my Jewish heritage if I wore Star of David-shaped sunglasses and a sparkly blue and white yamaka on, say, Rosh Hashana. What I'm trying to say is, St Patrick's Day is obnoxious and pointless. It's pointless because it's not even a big deal in Ireland. Irish Irish don't feel the need to dress up like friking leprechauns. If they have parades or whatever, it's just for American tourists. I hate that Americans have to make a big, stupid, tacky deal out of every little holiday that comes our way. It's just embarrassing. Honestly, I'm so sick of my country.
The thing that really gets to me about this stupid, stupid holiday is really just the mindset. I mean, why do Irish Americans need a special day just to be Irish. Excuse me, my fellow Irish Americans, I don't know about you, but I'm Irish the other 364 days of the year, too. I don't need to prove my Irish-ness to anybody on St Patrick's Day, so there. I wore all black on St Patrick's Day. Black mock turtleneck, leather jacket, jeans, socks, nail polish, and Doc Martens. Pinch me all you want.