Hello, my name's Nimbusoak. I'm not telling you my real name, so feel free to give me nicknames. NICKNAMES ARE COOL!
I'm a 16 year old punk rocker/comic artist/jedi from New England and I'm female, if you were wondering. For fun, I like playing video games, watching cartoons, taking my mastiff for walks, and kvetching about the idiots who run my country. I play guitar (badly). I have 8 younger siblings, which is why I'm crazy. I think.

Favorite whatnots:
Anime/Cartoons: Trigun, Blue Exorcist, Slayers, OHSHC, Cowboy Bebop, Teen Titans, Batman: The Anmimated Series and Brave and the Bold (I'm a Batman nerd , My Little Pony
Manga/Comics: Rurouni Kenshin, Hellboy, Naruto, Hopeless Savages
Movies (to name a few): Guardians of the Galaxy, Brave, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sunset Boulevard, Tangled, the original Star Wars trilogy

My new account is WildGirl1977. Check it out, you!


I become a super tech genius like Tony Stark

So yesterday I fixed my favorite video game, thereby snapping myself out of a week-spanning sulk and emulating my favorite superhero. See, I have this PC game called Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. It's totally addicting, but it is quite elderly, as is my PC, so it takes some time to convince both of them to actually start up the game. Lately, the game has not started up, even after half an hour of tears, cursing and slapping the monitor. I was pissed, but the other day I cleaned the game CD off with a baby wipe, and the game started up after only two minutes of pretending that I hadn't put the disk in the drive. I then proceeded to play all the way up to the boss level. It was a good day.


A lot of people seem to have looked at this world before I even wrote anything on it, so I've finally been guilted into writing a post for it. Anyway, hi! My name is Nimbusoak (my Pottermore name-I couldn't think of anything else at the time), but you can also call me Yumie. It's sort of a pen name. I am a second generation geek, and I first discovered the weird world of manga and anime a few years ago and have not returned since. I love rock music to a frightening degree of worshipfulness, so I am probably going to quote a lot of songs for reasons that are just barely apparent. TIP: This is one of the best ways I know to irritate people. Something else you should know about me is that I come from a very large family. This is a key element to a lot of my stories. We'll be meeting my many siblings later.