Hello, my name's Nimbusoak. I'm not telling you my real name, so feel free to give me nicknames. NICKNAMES ARE COOL!
I'm a 16 year old punk rocker/comic artist/jedi from New England and I'm female, if you were wondering. For fun, I like playing video games, watching cartoons, taking my mastiff for walks, and kvetching about the idiots who run my country. I play guitar (badly). I have 8 younger siblings, which is why I'm crazy. I think.

Favorite whatnots:
Anime/Cartoons: Trigun, Blue Exorcist, Slayers, OHSHC, Cowboy Bebop, Teen Titans, Batman: The Anmimated Series and Brave and the Bold (I'm a Batman nerd , My Little Pony
Manga/Comics: Rurouni Kenshin, Hellboy, Naruto, Hopeless Savages
Movies (to name a few): Guardians of the Galaxy, Brave, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Sunset Boulevard, Tangled, the original Star Wars trilogy

My new account is WildGirl1977. Check it out, you!


Well, well

Okay, so I finally have some time to go on TheO, so here's just a quick post about what's happening with me.(exciting, right?)

  • 1. I'm getting the hang of my new school schedule, so I'll probably be able to go on TheO less sporadically. Expect more posts and a big art dump. And speaking of art, I am working on prizes for my challenge winners.
  • 2. Going back to school sucks, but the bright side is, I can finally read all the manga I couldn't get at the public library.
  • 3. I'm about halfway through Twilight Princess. Yaay!
  • 4. That's really about it. See you later.

A dumb question

This is a strange question, but does the Blue Exorcist anime follow the manga to the letter, or does it change things up a bit. I want to watch it, but I want to read the manga too, and I hate going through the same story twice, you know?

quick life update/ rambling

So, in case anybody cares...
Several people hugged me. Thank you guys! I'd hug people back, but I'm on my cellphone and it would take like two hours to do that on this damn tiny screen and my brain would fall out of my eye sockets or whatever. But anyway, here's a big virtual hug for all my
otaku friends.
I did eventually beat the goat herding part on Twilight Princess. Turns out I hadn't started the minigame. Oops.
Inspired by Elricbrotherfan's recent return to guitar playing, I looked up some video lessons I took last summer. Learning guitar was on my summer list. I have done almost nothing on that list. For example, reading Return of the King is on that list, and over the summer I have read about two chapters of that damn book. What was I doing instead? I can't even remember. Reading comic books in bed, probably.
Elemental Academy, the RPG I'm in, just started. I'm really excited.
I heard somewhere that there's going to be a new Gorillas alpbum. Has anyone else heard that rumor? In other music news, Franz Ferdinand is coming out with a new album at the end of the month. It's gonna be awesome, I can tell.


So summer is winding down, and sooner than I'd like, I'll be returning to hell school - er, high school. Don't worry, this post isn't going to be just me whining about how terrible my life is. I mean, it's not. And it isn't like I wasted the entire summer. I think I wasted only a sensible amount, ya know? I didn't get a job, but I baby sat a couple of times, so I earned a bit of money for CDs and video games and what have you. Speaking of games, I just started Twilight Princess. Did anyone else get stuck at the part where you have to herd goats, or am I just a loser at games?
In other mildly interesting news, my first ever challenge will be ending soonish, and for the record, it's pretty awesome how many people entered. I kind of thought that like two people would enter drawings and that would be the end of it. But instead, there has been a new entry, like, every week and they're all really well done. I don't know how I'm.going to choose winners. So yeah, that's exciting. Around the same time, I'm probably going to have a sleepover with all my buddies from middle school who I haven't hung out with in almost a year and, so that's awesome. Are schedules are freaking crazy and I was pretty much alone for most of last year. I'm thinking this year we should try to hang out at least once a month, even if it's just something dumb like going out for coffee. So that's.happening, and also my aunt and uncle from California are visiting next week, turning the fall my favorite cousin and her family are visiting from Michigan. So yeah. The next month or so of my life. Sorry you had to read all that blithering.

mysterious ticking noise?

There's been this mysterious ticking noise in my bedroom lately. I feel like maybe I ought to do something about it, but since the chances of it being a bomb or something are pretty slim, I just haven't bothered. Hey, it's summer.