So summer is winding down, and sooner than I'd like, I'll be returning to hell school - er, high school. Don't worry, this post isn't going to be just me whining about how terrible my life is. I mean, it's not. And it isn't like I wasted the entire summer. I think I wasted only a sensible amount, ya know? I didn't get a job, but I baby sat a couple of times, so I earned a bit of money for CDs and video games and what have you. Speaking of games, I just started Twilight Princess. Did anyone else get stuck at the part where you have to herd goats, or am I just a loser at games?
In other mildly interesting news, my first ever challenge will be ending soonish, and for the record, it's pretty awesome how many people entered. I kind of thought that like two people would enter drawings and that would be the end of it. But instead, there has been a new entry, like, every week and they're all really well done. I don't know how I'm.going to choose winners. So yeah, that's exciting. Around the same time, I'm probably going to have a sleepover with all my buddies from middle school who I haven't hung out with in almost a year and, so that's awesome. Are schedules are freaking crazy and I was pretty much alone for most of last year. I'm thinking this year we should try to hang out at least once a month, even if it's just something dumb like going out for coffee. So that's.happening, and also my aunt and uncle from California are visiting next week, turning the fall my favorite cousin and her family are visiting from Michigan. So yeah. The next month or so of my life. Sorry you had to read all that blithering.