External ImageHey, guys, here's another dumb life-type post:
I haven't been on TheO as much as I would like. Which is why I got kicked out of the Comment Challenge. Oops. I wish I had time to write blog posts and upload fanart and comment and talk to my friends and stuff, but my life is just way too hectic. It totally sucks, but there you go.
I am just so frustrated with school right now. (I know, original sentiment, right?) My teachers are all completely insane. I actually have an english teacher who thinks it's funny to scare us by pretending that he's gonna assign us an essay, then telling us he's kidding, then telling us he's double kidding and we really do have an essay, and it's due on friday. And don't get me started on my creative writing class. I don't have time to go into details, but le's just say that they're a bunch of politically correct goody two shoes and they all think I'm an antifemenist. Long story. Good thing about all this frustration, though, is I'm getting a lot of song lyrics out of it. They're all terrible, but it's the kind of terrible that I can work with if I just walk away from it for a while, you know?
I'm pretty excited for Halloween. I'm going as 2D from Gorillaz. Speaking of which, here is a tips to you: do not mix puffy paint with arcrylic paint. I'n fact, just stay away from arcrylic paint if you're trying to write on a t shirt. Okay, I'm off to watch anime.