The fabulous world of Nimbus

Come on, you know that made your day. Happy sixth day of Hanukkah, all! Or is it the seventh? Yeah, it's the seventh. Is it really almost over? Wow, I'm really out of it.
Man, I'm such an idiot. I did pretty much no schoolwork in October, and now I'm getting low grades in my english class. I'm so behind I don't know if I can fix it before the semester ends. Thing is, its an honors class, and if I don't finish with at least a B+, I get bumped down to Comprehensive next year, which would totally suck. I ended up having a nervous breakdown in front of my mom yesterday (at least it wasn't in school). I told her I was upset about not getting into Honors, and she said she wouldn't be upset, which was what I was really worried about, I guess. Then she made me go sit in my room until my paper outline was done. So obviously If I'm to get my grades back up, my mom just needs to lock me in my bedroom more often. Could work, right?
It occurred to me that it's been over a year since I joined TheO. That's pretty cool, actually. I remember last winter, this website pretty much saved my sanity. I didn't know anyone freshman year, so having an online community that I felt part of helped a lot. So that's what I'm thankful for this year. Yeah, I know. Thanksgiving was last week, but in my defense I couldn't get on TheO. Anyway, why should I wait till November to be thankful? Right? Never mind. Don't mind me, I'm raving.
Okay, I should go write something. See you later, all!