I'm like, baby, baby, baby, WHOAAAAAA

Sorry if the title got that song plaing in your head. It's stuck in my head, and YOU ALL MUST SUFFER WITH ME AHAHAHAHA. Some club at my school (I honestly couldn't tell you which) is trying to rais $1000 for a field trip. How are they doing that? By having a bake sale? Selling candy bars? No, they're playing Baby by Justin Beiber over the intercom during passing times all day, all week. You can donate money to the club, and they'll stop playing the song when they hit $1000. How sick is that? I mean, does high school really have to be MORE soul-destroying? "Hey, guys, these downtrodden, overtired teenagers don't seem emotionally damaged enough, let's play an irritating pop song that each and every one of them hates until they scream for mercy!" And as if listening to the Biebs all day isn't psychological torture enough, the intercom is incredibly tinny, which makes the song even crappier than it already is. And when you go to the lunchroom, the crappy sound system plus the lunchroom's acoustics combine to make it so loud and tinny, you can actually feel your ears vibrate. And we're supposed to PAY them for doing this to us? I DON'T FREAKING THINK SO! Half the school, including me and my friends, has vowed not to give them a cent. Take that, you malicious extortionists!
Have a Bieber-less day, everyone.