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Chpt. 1, part 3

"I was having fun without them here for me to look after! He is too irresponsible and she needs too much medically!"
"OH, OKAAY!!" At that Momiji leaves Hatori to himself again.
Hatori looked around and waited for a bit. No body came so he began to read agian.
He had begun to drift off to sleep when Ayame called, "WHAT!?" asked Hatori when he answered the phone, he was clearly peeved.
"Well 'hello' to you too! I just thought that you might know when Shigure is getting back, you don't have to be so mean to me!"
"You'll be fine, your giant ego cushioned the blow."
"You're right I'm fine."
"Can I go now?!"
"Oh yes! Sleep my little lovely!"
"Okay, okay! Bye-bye!" Hatori hung-up and went back to his bed, soon he had fallen asleep.


He was gone, she'd missed her chance. As she sulked away Momiji skipped rather quickly past her. As he passed she caught a glimps of a confused aura, but she just kept walking.

Chpt. 1, part 2

Hanajima finally spke again,"Well that sucks. I guess I'll go then," she waited for him to try to stop her but he didn't, "Okay, bye." She left.
Hatori just sat there, leaned over and picked up his book and started to read, but he couldn't focus, he just felt weird around her, like a memory of a lost love, forced to be lost by Akito.
just then Momiji came in, "Was that Hana-chan?"
"What do you want Momiji?"
"That didn't answer me, fine, why was she here?Tohru-chan isn't here is she!?"
"I don't know why she was here. Tohru doesn't stop by anymore remember?"
Momiji sat down beside Hatori," Yeah, but I was hoping! I miss her, we don't talk much now that she and Kyo are married."
"Yeah, she kept Rin in line, more so than Haru anyway, " Momiji got uo and started for the door, " Why did you come here?"asked Hatori,
"I don't- OH! How's Akito? She hasn't been around much lately."
"She's been on a trip with Shigure for a week and they'll be back tomorrow, sadly."
"Sadly!?" said Momiji cocking his head to the side.

Chpt. 1, part 1

They sat there just looking around. Hatori was the first to speak, "Why are you here again? Tohru isn't here remember! She is with Kyo!"
"Oh, well I guess I should have known that. I guess I have just been kinda out of it latly," she responded sounding a little confused. The awkwardness went on.