This is a world for my gijinka and is mostly aimed toward the Poke Gijinka Revolution club. =3 I'll post stuff involving my gijinka. You can find out stuff about Abbie and Raine! =D

Abbie: What if we don't have tails...?! oAo;

Raine: We both have tails, Aberius-kun...

Abbie: But Raltses aren't supposed to have tails! OAO;;

Me: Small insignificant details *waves hand* =^V^=



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Ages, But Aberius Can Be Colored!

I decided to take off the thingy that prevents other from using this artwork in their own work. Since it's a lineart, I kinda wanted to see what it would look like colored in other people's style =3 So go right ahead and color away! Just remember to give credit where credit is due =3

External Image

Is it Just Me...?

... or do these two look like Lux and Abbie if they were human...? =o_o=

External Image

I'm not crazy, right...? =>_>;=

I'm Just Gonna Leave These Here...

External Image

OMG, Aberius~

15385bic drew an Aberius headshot as a request X3

It's just... I don't even X3

Aberius: It's not half bad... Although my hair has gotten long since the transformation incident... I guess I stopped paying attention to it. Should I cut it?

Me: Nuuu! Leave it longer~ X3

Aberius: ... But it tickles... =/

Me: You'll get used to it X3

Raine: o//o *also thinks it looks good*

Me: See? Raine's blushing~ X3

Raine: N-No, that's not... O///O;

Aberius: *blushes* Well, I guess I could leave it longer for just a bit more...

Raine: Aberius-kun... o//u//o

Me: Ah gee X3 But yeah, Biccy's so talented XD

Changed my Mind

I think I got ahead of myself in thinking about an "Ask" page on my tumblr... not when my motivation and emotions keep fluctuating the way they do... I'm not even sure why I feel so drained right now... But oh well... Sometimes I honestly want to stop trying with art and stuff. As it is right now, I just feel trapped.

So no page for Aberius and Raine... I could probably barely remember their mannerisms, anyway...