A trick to improve Pokemon moves

The trick of increasing move damage to you opposition is to choose the best moves you want to use and increase the Pokemon's Statics by using VITIMINS. e.g iron, carbos, protein etc. Never increase HP static unless you had increase all your other statics. Its pretty much useless because it just increase your HP not defense.

Always increase your Pokemon's defense and Special defense using iron and zinc.Only increase either attack or special attack which depends on what moves your pokemon have. If your pokemon has Special moves then increase it's Special attack. If your pokemon has physical moves then increase it's attack. You can always check if your pokemon has physical or special moves by going onto it's statics, then to moves and press A onto the move you want to check. It should say either physical or special if you look carefully.

If your pokemon only has all physical or special moves, increase one of them then increase all your other statics: HP, Defense, Special Defense, and most important speed.

List of Vitimins:
HP UP- increase HP
Protein- increase physical moves
Carbos- increase speed
Iron- increase defense
Calcium- increase special moves
Zinc- increase special defense

Zinc increases the defense of special moves and iron increases the defense of physical moves.

Thank you for reading my helpful Trick to improve pokemon moves.