Pokemon Dream World Tips

HI everybody,
Today I'm going to tell you about PKMN DW tips.
First if you want to swap items with berries, always plant the same berry until you had enough to swap items at you category. (ALWAYS REMEMBER to at least leave one berry in your treasure chest because if you don't, you have to go search some more. Especially rare berries). It would really help if you are trying to save up berries to buy an island/house.

Second tip: Always return your Pokemon back into your DS game when you finish your Dream World game. That is because your SYNC Systen has to recharge every 24 hours. Its best to leave your Pokemon inside your Dream World for at least two days.

Third tip: Always water or plant berries everytime you enter DW. It will always help you get more berries. Don't worry about watering because other people in DW can water your berries for you.

Forth tip: Always befriend one Pokemon whenever you enter DW.

Fifth tip: Remember to water other people's berries when the soil is brown or white coloured. You can also get 10 DW points for each berry you water.

Thank You for reading, hope these tips help.
(Pls comment if any help, I try my best).