Welcome To Hellshome

To every god there is a place or a thing just for them to rule. There is a God of lightning ruling over his fields of thunder and flashes. There is no heaven in this space and time only dimensions. There is an earth where chaos Gods and Ra’s domain and there is a hell where Satin rains. There are gods of creatures and plants there are also sub dimensions as well each one ruled by only one god. When someone dies they either go to a sub dimension or is reborn in a different dimension.

But there is one sub dimension in particular in this world of worlds. And its name is Hellshome. It’s a branch of hell created by one of the oldest gods Satin himself. He created said world for his daughter Tara. A goddess with disturbing and questionable tastes. A fair skinned princess of darkness with blood red hair and soulless green eyes. She rules with an iron fist and those that do not follow her words closely..well I’ll leave that to the imagination.

In the city of Hellshome, where chaos and dismay run unchecked. The damned, the Gods, the demons, and all the evils plaguing life walk its streets. But be wary for the darkest alleys on the darkest nights the city has a soul all of its own it comes out to play to consume the souls. The foolish are its prey and only the cautious and cowards survive. This is the city of HellsHome.

A Gods Wrath

Story One In the graveyard there lays a church. Broken down, rusted, and otherwise laid waist. All though there were graves everywhere no one rested peacefully in them. The hollowed o...

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Hellshome rules

Story Parameters
The introduction pretty much tells you almost everything. Tara is the Goddess of this city and she doesn't let people forget this. The city is HUGE but run down. There are some suburbs near the outskirts of town but it is more dangerous there. For there are forests surrounding the city with the most powerful of demons keeping the people in the city. Keep these in mind and the rest is up to you.


Alright then. If you want to post on your own short story about Hellshome please leave a comment in this post and I will add you as a guest poster For those who want to guest post there are a few rules that are pretty simple

also, side note. The stories you post can be of any genre you want. From comedy to horror.

The rules
1)Short stories stay within the world parameters I have set.
2)Violence and swearing are ok but please no explicit sex scenes
3)The species of characters you can play are:
any form of demon or monster
animal people
god (although you must respect the fact that this is Tara's Dimension)
anything you can think of but no angels because there is no heaving (don't ask about Satan lol)

Remember to comment about wanting to be a guest poster and enjoy the stories.