Forgive me... I will answer these questions but at the present moment in time I am way too lazy to tagg anyone else. I will update this if I decide to tagg others.

Tag #1 by zombieusagi

1.) What's your favorite language?
Currently I've been studying French for the past 4-5 years

2.) Which anime is your obsession?
I don't watch anime, 'cause I like reading manga. It's also more convenient for me.

3.) What's your favorite season of the 4?
I love winter!

4.) If you could go back, what would you change?
I have no idea what I would change, probably nothing because it would also change the present and the future.

5.) What do you want to change in the world?
I would like to change the libraries in my hometown.

6.) Do you love it here on theO, or do you (still) feel shy?
Yes, I do love TheO. We have a wonderful community here. I do not feel shy anymore.

7.) Say who you are like (anime, manga, games and more).
I guess I would be like: Nana from the manga Othello Shoujo, because I couldn't care less what others' think of me and I do enjoy revenge.

8.) Do you write fanfics on FF.net?

9.) Am I irritating you? X(

10.) If you had one change to revive a character, who would it be?
I would revive Rika from the series Higurashi.

11.) Do you watch zombie anime?
I've watched a few, but I don't really watch anime.

Tag #2 by alphose13

1.)Would you be interested in pursuing a career in Art?
No, I think of art as more of my hobby.

2.) What's your favorite topic/subject to read about?
I love horror, fiction, and history.

3.) What is/was your worst subject in school?
My worst subject is and has always been math! XD

4.) Do you collect anything?
I used to collect pennies. I currently collect Japanese fans and key chains. (I really love key chains!)

5.) Did/do you have to wear school uniforms to school?
I used to wear a uniform in my hometown.

6.) Why do you/or why don't you believe in ghosts?
I don't believe in ghosts because I'm a very logical person.

7.) What's your favorite holiday?
The New Year's! XD I just love the fireworks and looking forward to brand new year!

8.) if you could change what Astrology sign or Chinese zodiac you are, would you?
Nope, I love both of my signs! (Aquarius and Rat)

9.) Would you rather go swimming or hiking?
Swimming! I love water!

10.) Do you like writing stories or poetry?
O.o Can I like both? I have some posted on my deviantart!

11.) Are you better at gardening or cooking?
O.o Can't I be good at both?

Tag #3 by ItachiSasuke

1.) Quickly think of the longest word you know and [try to] write out the definition!
O.o 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 *Brain explodes*

2.) What is the most precious thing (or person) to you at the moment? :D
How can possibly choose between my sisters and my mother? All three!

3.) When I say “blue” what is the first thing you think of?
A super cute manga I read once titled: Color of the Clear Blue Sky!

4.) What is a dream you’d wish would come true?
I wish to have all the cake I want for a day! (Seriously, I've been dreaming for cake recently.)

5.) Name one thing that you would fight for?
I would fight for no banned books!

6.) The last song you’ve listened to. Is it your favourite song? :3
Uprising by Muse! Not my favorite but one I like!

7.) The last thing that you remember dreaming about.
Angel wings... and more cake...

8.) Name someone(s) on theO that have inspired you, as well as someone else in real life.
bb-chan (beloved blood) and my mother!

9.) WHY? >3 (Unrelated to the previous question) ;D

10.) Were these questions boring? DX
No, they were quite entertaining.

11.) Ah, I need one more! Your favourite hobby and why! >3
I love reading, because every book in like a new adventure!

Tag #4 by gokuhappymonkey

1.) What do you do for fun?
Lots of stuff! Reading, video games, watching horror movies and more!

2.) What's your favorite anime/game?
I don't have a favorite anime so my favorite game= Sonic Adventure! XD

3.) Why?
It's the first video game I've ever played!

4.) What old game would you love to see remade?
I would absolutely love to see Trix Style remade! (Can I pick two? Second would be Tokyo Extreme Racers!)

5.) Favorite Disney movie?
The Little Mermaid! XD

6.) Were you sad when Tony Jay (played Frollo in Hunchback of ND) died?
I don't remember that movie very much, but think I was.

7.) What would you change in the world, or your own life?
I would make libraries bigger, stock them with manga and other great books! I really love reading.

8.) How do you play games? (agressive, calm,etc?)
I'm normally calm, but can get aggressive.

9.) Do you like fanfics?
Not really.

10.) What characters (game or anime) do you keep close to you/ relate to the most?
That's a hard question. I have no idea. (Je suis désolé!)(I'm sorry!)

11.) Am I annoying to anybody yet??
Of course not!

Lame, I know.

I'm a vampire!