Name: Richard
Nickname: Ched, Chad
Age: 22 Years Young
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Race: Filipino; Half Angel & Half Human (My mom said)
Blood Type: Type AB (as in AB-normal)

I love: pink, purple, black, chocolates, butterflies, cats, flowers, plush toys, music, dance, paintings, outspoken humble people, starry night sky, manga, anime, children, sugar, spice & everything nice. (^_^?

I hate: cockroach, racism, backstabbers, discrimination, prejudice & narcissism. (O_o?

Favorite Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Card Captor Sakura, Yuyu Hakusho, Flame of Recca & Hunter X Hunter

Random thingies about ched:

=> I'm a geek!
=> I'm a faithful fan of Michael Jackson (RIP. 1958 - 2009). Haters, Leave Him Alone!
=> I'm working as Accounting Staff (very related to anime, LOL) (^_^?
=> I'm in a B-boy Dance troupe, & I am prone to bruises & strains during rehearsals. Now, I just want to incorporate only Popping & Locking dance to avoid accidents. (^_^?
=> I'm a frustrated artist who loves colored pencils as medium.
=> I'm a fan of religious arts. But Please don't argue against me with your beliefs if I upload my religious artworks. I just need artist's crits. Not atheist's crits.
=> I'm a bit afraid of rejection so I rather welcome a subscriber then I whole-heartedly subscribe back! I'm a friendly creature, I swear! I just eat live chickens & do a voodoo dance at midnight, but I'm still pretty damn friendly! (^_^?
=> And I accept art requests! (^_^!

I don't upload all of my artworks in my portfolio. Instead, I put my other arts here in homootaku world. Or even more in my DA account. Check them out here at

Happy Birthday Mikey

A birthday tribute for the one & only King of Pop...

It's just a quick sketch so.... Maybe I'll fix it some other day or apply colors.

reference image here...

Unpublished Arts

Some of my unpublished arts (in TheO)...

Why I don't publish all of my artworks here in TheO? Uhmm..
Maybe I lately noticed, TheO has developed many great artist. And they improve their fan arts as time goes by here in TheO. I can say TheO has trained many artists into professionals. They seemed to compete their way to fan arts first page.

But me... I'm sure... I can see my improvement but.... not really as quick as the other artists here. Maybe, I need a year or more to improve.

(A normal inferiority complex of a poor artist... (-_-?)

Which is better?

Attention: itemilicious

After coloring this cool line art from itemilicious:

External Image

Need some opinions... Which of these two is better to publish in fan arts gallery... The plain white BG or the starry & leafy one BG? Really suck in creating BGs, Gaaah...! (O_o?

What a poll, haha! Feedback people please!

Collab with itemilicious

Yay! Me & itemilicious are working for a collaboration. I'm going to color her line art:

External Image

Here's my WIP:

Comments, suggestions...... Tutorials are welcome!

Mangafy 101 (Project 2)

I know many TheO artists did this style for their fan art. I really enjoy doing this art style, mangafying photos...

Here's my first mangafied photo:

External Image

I just did a second one (I might dio more):

External Image

These are my twin nephew & niece, Jyrus & Jamilla, or let's just call them Jay-jay & Lala!

Yeah I know, I missed out the polka dots in Lala's dress & logo in Jay-jay's T-shirt. That's what I'm currently trying hard to learn! Any suggestions pro-artists! Teach me how! (^_^?