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Here is a world again, completely dedicate to my lovely friend Hulaberry32! ^-^

Here I will be posting things about her, her work i love, songs she has sang, things she has said to me, that meant a lot ect

if you want to be a guest poster feel free to ask me, and I'll join. But you can only be nice and respectful to her.

Ever hate on her, then you will be kicked out

Hula's anime impression reviews

I was just browsing today through these and decided to share if you are interesting in similar. These are basically short reviews which are based on the first episode (or complete series) of certain anime that Hulaberry watched. They are more than a year old, but still quite useful. I definitely found them so.

Here is the link~!

Lost art

It has been quite some long time and even she is not that much active here right now.. But I still wanted to share something with you.

It is actually a wallpaper that she was making some months ago. She never finished it, though she was more than ready for it. But even so it still looks fantastic so I decided to share it here so that you all can take a look so that it is not forgotten.^^

Looking for

Hey, does anyone know Hulaberry32?

She's really a sweet girl, and here is a world I dedicated to her, to let her know how amazing she is. But there isn't many people who post here, and she needs a bigger fan club, does anyone wanna help spread the hulaberry love??


Hey everyone! Long time since I've posted in this world, which makes me feel very sad. Sorry Hula! I still love you!
But I would like to ask a simple favor, it was her birthday yesterday, and for those who didn't could you stop by and wish her a happy birthday? It's never to late!


Thank you all

A story for your heart and soul

As the title suggest, I actually want to recommend one great story for everyone. Is there a click by anyone? A small one? Well this world is dedicated to Hulaberry32, so that means that the story is from her too, right? Well that is correct, it is the story called Highest life.^^

Actually there is a RP that she does with her friend MiseryMiss, who is also from this site, but she later writes in her main world a summary of that RP. If you are interested in it and believe me you should, cause these stories are quite good and will keep you entertained. Just throw away your laziness people and give it a chance, trust me you will like it. :)

You can find the story HERE!

Also I think that everyone should also check latest cards from her, because she always does a lot work into them and I think that they are quite nice and worth checking out.
Her latest as well as all cards you can find HERE!

Well everyone, have fun then~! ^_^