Here is a world to replace my old anymore world, sharing images of all my babies ^-^
I will be sharing the old images that I did have up, a long with some new images, as well.

The background was made by my sister, and here is the link to the wall

Rest well little one.

I just wanted to say good night to a cute little hamster. It's been a year today. I miss you so much.

On the back, is where the Guinea Pig rest.

Here is a picture of my baby, Jak. He's sitting on my sister's back.
The last few days he's been acting funny, not moving at all, or not speaking much. I found out he had a swollen toe, and I had to soak it in salt water. Now he;s acting better, but his tow is still big. ;.;

Love can touch us one time

Jak standing on Leiya's shoulder.

The legs of a guinea pig.

This one is for my sister.


What a shock this is for me, it's Patches. I don't get nearly enough pictures of her, I don't even know if many of you know she even exist. My apologizes kitty.