Well this is just going to be a place where I post some life lessons I've learned and other random stuff to be honest. From time to time I'll post funny things and such and express my opinions on things. So, yeah that's pretty much it. Enjoy! ^^

Dear Friend...

So....today you were ripped from me just like your little brother was a month ago...I'm really missing you and it hasn't been a day yet...so..I just want to say a few words to you...

Dear Rey,

You've been quite the role model for me just like your little brother...knowing that I wont be able to see you smile, laugh, or see you in general...makes me extremely sad...only for money....you were murdered for money...your father told me that you guys were heading somewhere outside of that place...he stopped at another motel to rest and you went outside and well....you never came back...he feels so guilty....your mom...she hasn't stopped crying...and you....you broke your promise to me...you promised you would be there at my wedding with my princess...maybe....you will but...I wont be able to see you. You were like a big brother to me just like Marco was..I learned a lot from you two and I'm sorry for not being able to introduce you to all my amazing friends here in cyberspace...just like when Marco died....I feel empty....I'm crying right now..but I promised you back when I was just 15, that I would be happy and try my best every day no matter what happens...I will try friend. I promise you...my dear friend...

Funny! x3

Hahahahahaha!!! This is a really funny abridged Naruto in my opinion. Check it out and tell me what you think. ^^

That used to be me every time I lost or had to restart my Pokemon game. x3

Dearly Beloved...

I guess It'll only be fair if I introduce myself first. My name is Mauricio and I live in the U.S. Its nice to meet all of you. ^^ Well a little about myself...I love music and the fine arts. I'm a big fan of that stuff. If you take a close look at the word "Earth," it has "art" in it. If it didn't it would just be "eh." XD I hope to make new friends here and meet new people. Well I hope that's good enough. Oh, and I also love my princess kawaiiMizusu <3 She's my lovely and adorable wife and I will love her forever. <3

If you close your eyes and look closely you'll see all the people that you hold dear to your heart...I do...when I close my eyes I see all of them.. :)

When you feel like falling don't ever forget that there's someone ready to catch you.

I just really like this remix. To be honest with you guys this actually impacts me. If you have listened to the lyrics of Simple and Clean by, Utada Hikaru, they're very meaningful and wonderful. Talking about how friendship or any bond for that matter can't and wont be split apart that easily. Every time I listen to this song it reminds me of the little friends I have. To be honest, they're the best and all I need. It also reminds me of my family. I'm thankful to everybody who cared enough for me and accepted me into their hearts, so thank you very much. :)