How could you move on, on someones death?

I know the topic about this thing is not related but I'll get it straight.

Death. What's Death?

Those questions are stucked in my mind.I couldn't imagine if my relative or a close friend die.I am naive in comes to those things even though many of my relatives already passed away but I didnt feel much pain but... I suddenly felt it yesterday.

Yesterday, one of my close friend and my brother had sudden Death.I was the first one who knew it.I directly said it to my parents but I have a hard time to do it to my brother.If I dont do it, I will never be a good brother. In lunch, I said the news to him.His reactions made me feel the pain... He was crying and yelling,"No!That couldnt happen!".He locked up his room for 4 hours 'til we decided to go to the girls' house.On the time we arrive in the house,my brother didnt stop crying 'til now.For my friend, died,did she even fulfil her dreams? I want to find the answers.For she was our 10 year friend and my ex crush,she was part of our life.How can I move on

Can someone such a love doctor help me?

Konichiwa mina!

This would be my first post on this world. But I'll just make it short... And now... I really needed help... On Saturday, it would be the birthday of my crush, and I have a hard time to confess because she is my bestfriend. *o* I am assigned by her parents to make a surprise party for her...*~* I dont really know how to organize a party. I have a hard time to decide if I' ll make the theme romantic (so it would be easier for me to confess) or I'll just make the theme that had something to do with her likes.

I am calling all love doctors :3 to help me with my problem. I know that I cant give any gifts but I wish you'll be willing to help. If you're willing to do so, just send me a PM.

I really needed your suggestions.