I cant find the words 2 say 2 show how i feel

they're inside of me but cant 2 get free

the words are a mess & are call out 2 thee

but cant seem 2 get free

I cant free the words inside my head,because im afraid of what might be said

these words know the truth,the me that wants 2 be free,that longs for the world of the living,but is traped in the world of the dead

I long 2 be free,2 let myself sorw but am trap by that which cant be seen

A person who has wrong me,he keeps chain by my sielents & doesnt want 2 let me go

He keeps me sercet from the world,like a toy,something 2 be played with & thrown away when he gets tryed of me

I know what i must 2 break his hold,it so hard 2 do,but i must try