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I'm working on a picture of Itachi as an angel right now, hopefully it will go well as I for some reason always have trouble drawing him. (for some reason the more complicated pics I draw when I have a reference or two come out better than the easier ones, so maybe it'll work out, despite me not having a wing reference or a full body reference that isn't tiny?) Please look out for it guys!!


I know I haven't really submited anything recently, but as soon as i find a good refrence I promise I will! I hope my next pic will be of naruto for my friend sasodeiyaoi55, so please look out for it!!

10 Things I Hate About Itachi From Naruto

WARNING: contains spoilers!!

1. You had to choose between killing your clan and letting the world go into another war when you were thirteen.
2. You didn't tell sasuke the truth.
3. You died.
4. Your Sharingan is always activated.
5. You didn't kill the village elders when you had the chance.
6. You gave Naruto some of your power.
7. You always seem to have the same emotion.
8. You have Lines on your face.
9. You are almost blind.
10. You always seem to feel the need to poke Sasuke's forehead.

My Fave Songs

Here are some of my faveorite songs: ...

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Home is where you can return without worry,
Without fear of being hated,
Where you are wanted and loved,
Home is where your happy,
You can play and run without really caring who sees you,
And where popularity doesn't matter.