A temporary pause

Now that we've come to a decent pausing point, I'd like to teach you the details you may not have understood because Jack was writing them.

Cade? What are you doing? Hey! Is that my journal!

Yes it is. I'm trying to clarify the things op screwed up on.

Like what?

Well, you didn't say much about why we're at war. Or everything about Jason, or yourself even. In fact, you just told them about the past few days.

Well, it's a journal.

That's not an excuse. What should I talk about first?

The fact that you're a bigmouth. That's a good spot to start.

Shut up. I'll start with you.
So Jack was a regular guy, right? Well, except maybe for the foster dad thing.

He was a drunk, too.

Whatever, he was normal, but then Batholith attacked him one night out of nowhere, and Jack found his fire powers. But he had gotten a bruised head, and the first time you use your element, you faint, and the next day, Jack didn't remember the whole thing until Batholith attacked again. Jack nearly got killed that time, but Zander was in the area hunting Batholith, because he'd recently escaped custody. So Zander found him, and saved Jack, but didn't manage to catch Batholith. That's when I met Zander, actually, waiting for you to get better.
Once that was done, Jack went to boot camp, and found Mel. I never went to boot camp, so I don't know what they do there, but when he finished it, he came back to Chicago to help the squad in charge of the place, who you read about.

Natasha, Joey, and the ones you didn't hear about, Obadiah and Haley.

If you interrupt again...


So he was there, and was fighting a monster, when the students of ice attacked all our bases, even our main one.

Mark said they tried to recreate the holocaust on the people in the main base.


Shut up Jack!

That hurt!

Who cares!

I do!

Whatever! Keleigh came and warned Jack about the impending doom, so Jack went on a long quest kind of thing, where I came along once I found out about my water powers, Zander once he broke out of the prison at main base, Jared once he left after the boot camp was attacked, and Grace at some school. We got into the main base, broke everybody out, and one by one got our bases back. Now we're at war. Since the six of us helped do that, we're kind of famous, and we get sent around a lot.

That got kind of rushed at the end, miss perfectionist.


I'll tell you about shadow later. I should make a guide to our world.

You do that. I want my journal back. It's mine, and I can be as big a slacker as I want.


See you.


She does that all the time. Dunno why. Anyway... *Whistle*
See ya.