Potential FanArt Contest

I am thinking of holding a fanart contest for all three of my manga series (Fear to Love, Full Curse, and Kitty Days). Though they are not all as far along as others. I thought I do a little something to generate interest and have some fun. Basically, the contest is that you'll draw your favorite character from one of the three series (or two or all three if you like!) doing whatever it is that inspires you (Of course, let's keep it within the acceptable limits here at theO... =>.>=). You may enter up to three entries per series (only if you want to do that many... it's just a ceiling =^_^=). So that I know, please put "Kitty K.O.'s contest" or "Kitty K.O." as a tag, so that I can find them. One first prize winner and a runner up for each series will be chosen (Of course, if there are no entries for a series, it will sadly have be to un-included) First-prize winners will get a full-color artwork of anything they request (since I'll be posting it on theO, please keep it rated theO... though I wouldn't mind drawing something a little more risque =^w^=). Runner-ups will get a sketch of anything they wish. I did make bookmarks for Kitty Days, but since no one bought any, I'll probably throw in a complimentary bookmark (I have Rei, Sai, Miu, and Keri with the three kittens) of the winner(s)' choosing. I'll put up an official fanart to further announce the start of the contest. Of course, if you wanna get a leg up now, that's good too. Most likely, it'll start next week and end at the end of the following week.

Hope to hear from those who want to participate. Please comment if you think it's a good idea and would like to participate. Tell anybody else you know here so that we can have a decently sized contest. I will not start the contest if not enough people are interested. Please and thank you. (I probably will draw the contest announcement page, just in case)