Some Changes are Coming...

So as you may or may not know, I'd been on hiatus for a pretty long time up until the recent flux of drawlloween drawings. I've been rather depressed and with no real motivations or goals in tow.

However, after trying to do a drawing a day (not entirely successfully, but I did get 31 1/2 drawings out of it...) it's kinda shown me that I can draw even if I'm not 100% conscious. There were days when I was out of it or really sad or tired because of being up late, but I still was able to do something once I plugged in my tablet. It kinda gave me a bit of a jumpstart. And I was thinking that after drawlloween was over, it would be a shame to go back to doing no artwork at all.

So what changes does this bring about? Well, something along the lines of:

1. A new drawing every week - (depending on work schedule, may or may not be during the weekend) If I can't think of anything or the mood suits me, I'll put up a post asking for prompts and choose one to draw. They're not requests, so please don't ask outside of those messages. I no longer do requests because I am broke and my time and skills are valuable.

2. Possible comics every month - There were some comics I'd considered working on while on hiatus. One being a revamp of Fear to Love with updated art and an improved storyline. It'll be the same general story, but I'd like to improve the pacing.

3. One really big project! - This one I can't say too much about, but there's been a project I started a couple months ago in small bits. I will say this: it will be an interactive experience that many of the female audience would enjoy~ Over time as more gets done with it, I'll start leaking content to get up the hype =eUe=

4. Maybe some short stories and possibly erotic fiction/fan-fiction - I can't put any of that here, but I'll put up a post with a link to it on deviantArt. Only mature audiences only, sorry.

I'm going to take baby steps to begin with, but I want to try to keep my output consistent. I had a lovely small following back in the day, and it's about time I put in some work to rebuild that =) Any thoughts? Actually, to commemorate this, I'll take suggestions for my first drawing which I'll likely have up in a week, depending on the speed/number of suggestions. Cheer me on, guys =D