Welcome to this one’s humble shrine! Dedicated to the humble Himura Kenshin, this world wheels and deals in anything and everything having to do with the red-haired rurouni. Here, this one expresses the love and adoration that hopefully not only this one has for Kenshin. Don’t worry, this one’s not crazed (at times), will not bite, and doesn’t always refer to herself as ‘this one’. For the most part. 'Oro' may abound.

Here, fellow Kenshin fans can share fan art, fan words, wallpaper, or just the all-around love. Please ask me to join the guest poster list so you can add to the madness. No asking just to bash the character or the show, thank you. We really don’t want to hear it.

I would ask to please keep the fangirlism at a minimum, but I doubt it would work anyway.

So bring on the Kenshin, whether it is amber-eyed Battousai, or swirly-eyed Rurouni, or somewhere in between.

There are a couple ways anyone can join. If you want to be able to post, please ask to be added to the guest post list. If you don’t want to post, but do want to join, please ask to have your name added to the list. Anyone can comment, but I’d prefer people to join. Have fun!

Welcome Kenshin fans!

Alright, it’s only fair that I start this bad boy off, ne? Which is in no way speaking of Battousai… Anyway, as a conversation starter, we’ll begin with something simple, and the entire reason why I started up this WORLD in the first place: Himura Kenshin.

First we begin with some important notes:

It’s preferred that people join, but if you don’t want to because you don’t like Rurouni Kenshin, or Kenshin for that matter, then why are you reading this in the first place? Otherwise, please join!

Please respect all opinions, even if they contrast yours. We don’t want a war started, and I really don’t want to have to deal with it. The same goes for me since I can get quite adamant. Everyone keep everyone else in check. Nicely. We’re all Kenshin lovers here after all.

Please try to stay on topic. If someone says one thing about how red Kenshin’s hair is, don’t go off and comment on how oddly clean his hakama always seem to look after battles, despite the fact they are white. If you want to go off on how clean his pants are, please say something about his red hair first. It’s not hard. I just want to keep as many things rolling as possible, and keep as many things running for as long as possible.

Ok, now some questions:

Who is Himura Kenshin? I mean, besides Battousai and Rurouni, but what makes the man tick? Is this an obvious and easy question? Good! It’s supposed to be in order to get people talking!

Should we even start the topic of Tomoe vs. Kaoru, or will it all end in a bloodbath? What about, instead, speaking of their affects on Kenshin’s life since both quite obviously did.

Or, one of my personal questions: What the heck is with alternative pairings anyway? They get together in the manga, so why put Kenshin and Kaoru with anyone else? I’m not bashing them if anyone else likes them but I just don’t understand, and yes there are a few that I absolutely hate but as long as those parings aren’t forced on me, then I’ll quietly simmer and mutter to myself. For this, I have no answer, and will not even try to give one. I’m just throwing it out to see if any one else can help me understand this better.

Ah, yes, and another of my personal favorites: Seisouhen, otherwise known as Reflection. A bunch of hooey crap, or a tragically romantic finishing to Rurouni Kenshin? You decide. If you’ve never seen it, good. Don’t. Won’t do you any earthy good.

Got a fav Kenshin form? Are you partial to the smexy, dangerous Battousai, or the adorable and warm-hearted Rurouni?

Ok, that’s enough questions for now. As for responses:

Who is Himura Kenshin?

Well, he’s a man. Red hair. Cross-shaped scar. Short beyond all reason. And Japanese.

No throwing tomatoes. I don’t like them.

Now, as for my real answer, it’s kind of hard. ‘What?’ you’re asking. ‘But you’re the one who started this thing! You don’t even known how to answer your own question?!’

Well, at the moment, no. I came up with this off the top of my head. Plus, I want to see what other people think of him first so no one feels like they have a quota to meet, or I’ll kick them out if they give the wrong answer, which I won’t do. I don’t think anyone really cares if I would either… Give your opinion! I want to hear it! Then I might answer that one. Am I being lazy? Yes, no complaining.

Moving on.

Tomoe vs. Kaoru. Answer: Personally, I prefer Kenshin with Kaoru, but I respect Tomoe.

Don’t go thinking you can have such short answers, people! You won’t get away with it! Mine are short cause I have an excuse…when I figure it out, I’ll make sure and tell you. Again, give me your opinions!

Alternative pairing can scare me and are gross. Ok? That’s really all I have to say about that. Don’t get mad at me for it either, please and thank you.

Now, Reflection…can be a whole post in itself because I can get extremely winded about it…I mean, talk about sucking all the air out of the room… So, I’ll save that so I don’t scare anyone off or something.

Oh, and I love Battousai. I’ve got a thing for amber-eyed guys it would seem. LOL

Ok, fellow Kenshin lovers, let ‘er rip! Post on one question, or answer all of them, but I want to know what you think! Add your own stuff too. Don’t let the Kenshin love die!