Roleplay idea?

So I've been thinking about this for several months now, actually. If I were to start an RP here based on The World Ends With You, would anyone be interested in joining? I'd definitely supply a lot of information and would be open to anyone with questions about how the universe of the game works and stuff for those who are unfamiliar with it. and if anyone would want to co-lead with me, that'd be cool, too.

The basic plot idea is that your character is dead and is competing in a 7 day competition known as the Reaper's Game for a chance to come back to life. In order to participate, they've given up something (person, skill, memories, etc) that was very important to them while alive, and in order to get it back, they have to win or it's lost forever.
(I haven't decided if it should be held in Shibuya or some other major city instead. Like maybe NYC or something? WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?)

BUT YEAH. I just thought it would make for an interesting type of RP. Basically how it would work is that you'd be given "mission mail" (aka a prompt) and you'd have to write a post/series of posts regarding that prompt to fulfill it. It would be things like solving puzzles, fighting enemies/bosses, wreaking havoc, etc. And THEN after everyone finishes, you'd get a new prompt (anyone who has played/knows TWEWY should understand this idea). If we follow TWEWY rules, there would be 7 prompts, but I'd be open to more if people would want it to last for a long time (NEW GAME?). ALSO THE BEST PART IS THAT IF YOU HAVE/WANT TO QUIT FOR WHATEVER REASON, IT'S PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE TO HAVE YOUR CHARACTER DIE BECAUSE TWEWY IS KIND OF LIKE A LAST MAN STANDING THING ANYWAY
It would also give a good chance for collaborating on posts, since you'd be picking a partner for the whole roleplay. (I haven't quite figured out how that's going to work/if i want to do that. In TWEWY, each character has a partner that they play the Game with. Trust/friendship are huuuuge themes of the game, so yah. But I'm afraid that if I follow that for the RP, people would just focus on their character and their partner and not interact with anyone else... BUT IT'S SUCH A HUGE THING WITH TWEWY SO I DUNNO SLKJFLKSD)

I already figure that probably no one will want to. I mean, a lot of people are already juggling several RPs (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, PEOPLE IN MCC, PGR, AND RONH which hasn't really taken off yet but is still a thing. And there are probably many others that I'm missing but shhh). And TWEWY probably wouldn't be that interesting to most when compared to other things which makes me sad because it's my favorite game evar ;w; Also I still have a whole bunch of developing NPCs and stuff that I'd have to do before I could start it up, so who knows when it'd actually open. But yeah lemme know? And spread the word? If there's enough interest, I'd LOVE to do this.

tl;dr: If you're interested, leave a comment or send me a message~

no but guys I've never gotten to use my twewy oc for anything and HER WEAPON IS A FREAKING YO-YO DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW BAMF THAT IS