My best friend came to visit.

My best friend for nearly two years, the person who not only introduced me to kingdom hearts but the person who helped me though a rough patch in my life, kbreeze12, dropped by my house today. It's safe to say that, today was a little different. For one we made sea salt ice cream. A few hours after she left, she came back because the ice cream had set and some how, it managed to taste just like I imagined it would when I saw Roxas, Xion and Axel eating it. Even though there were a few disasters (I.e the eggs wouldn't separate the first two times we tried it and some of the mixture refused to thicken). So all in all a good day today.

Kingdom hearts
KH YouTube videos.

As robin would say; (the Robin character in young justice, that version of Robin yes I'm into Marvel and DC as well.)
Feeling' the aster!
And to my friend kbreeze12, if you're reading this all I have to say is

"Pika...Pikachuu!...PIKACHU!!!!, I think he had to much coffee. Lol."