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Lina Miyazaki

Brown with blong highlights

Green or blue

5'2" (almost)

Manga Club
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Scaring Children

Animes/Mangas I've seen:
Hetalia Axis Powers
Eden of the East
Soul Eater
Ouran High School Host Club
Fruits Basket
Angel Beats!
Highschool of the Dead
Kaze no Stigma
Negima?! Magister Negi Magi
Pandora Hearts
Black Butler
Vampire Knight
Trinity Blood
Darker than Black

Favorite Books:
Pretty Little Liars (series)

Favorite Food:
Blue Rasberry Italian Ice

Favorite Colors:
Blood Red, Purple, Hot Pink, Turquoise

Biting People
Scaring children
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Small Children
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Guest Posters;

You say pink
I say black
You say Joe Jonas
I say Bill Kaulitz
You say Holister
I say Hot Topic
You say Hip-Hop,
I say Pop/Rock.
You say high heels
I say high tops
You say I'm Punk
I say It's better than being a prep
You say I'm weird
if u agree put this on your world

All right I think thats it!! oh and you can call me L-Chan, Lina-Chan, Lina, I don't relly care ^^

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Throwing People

this might sound wierd, but for the past week i keep accidentaly throwing people.

yes, throwing people.

the other day at manga club, my friend was being really annoying so i tried to push her. it seems harsh, but you werent there. she was being so annoying. so anyway, she doesnt fall over, she instead flies through the air and into the wall. now there is a dent i the wall.

on tuesday, i accidentaly threw my friends little sister into a table. she got a cut on the backof her head, and then it started gushing blood. i felt really bad, im not even sure how i threw her.

and then at manga club, luna crecant took my phone so i went over, grabbed her, and threw her to the ground. this was the only time i actually threw someone one purpose, but im not sure how i did it. i mean, lunas like 6 inches taller that me!!

soo, ya. i keep throwing people. it sounds hard to believe, but its true.

Rock Climbing

omigod, rock climbing is so tiring.

i climbed like 8 walls, all the way to the top. thats like 40 feet per wall, these walls are huge.i also attempted to climb like 4 more walls, and got like halfway up.

anyway, now my arms feel completely dead, and im sure it will be worst tomorow.

my fingers are now covered in a bunch of red calluses, i hope i spelled that right. the calluses hurt when you touch them, and they are really ugly!!! i dont like ugly things.

last time i went to the rock gym, i didnt even climb half as much as i climbed today and my arms were all dead-like for 3 days. 3 DAYS!!!!

my friends little sister was being really annoying, i almost strangled her like 5 times just on the way to the rock gym. ugh. i really dont like children.


Omigod theres only 22 days until x-mas!!!! XD XD XD XD im so happy! we are getting our tree today, and we are gonna decorate it all pretty!! XD XD XD XD hte little ornament thingies are so shiny!!!! XD XD XD XD i luv shiny stuff!!!!! Lol theres this movie i really wanna see, its a christmas movie. its called Satnta's Slay and its about this evil santa who goes around killing people on christmas eve. ahahaaa im really sorry i have a sick mind and find stuff like that HILARIOUS!!! XD XD XD XD


Heyy everyone!! o shoot i had something good 2 say but then i forgot what it was. kk byez!!!


Lol I just asked dfdfdfdf to b my Internet bf. lol

This message is meant for LunaCrecant catsworld KyanChan and KalySama