Today, thanks to LunaCrecant, i learned that this guy who i have a HUGE crush on doesnt even know who i am. this is what happened:

L(Luna)- hi sean, u should ask lina to the dance

S(Sean)-whos lina?

L-are you serious?

S-yeah, whos lina?

L- well lets see.... shes in your band class, she plays the oboe....

S- yeah i still have no idea who you are talking about..

L-well... give me your phone number. ill have lina text you

S-well can i just have your number? then u can txt me linas number and i can text her

L-well, that wont work...

S-why not?

L-cuz my phone broke when me and lina were riding to the skate park...

S-why were you going to the skate park...?

L-so lina could see if you were there


L-o crap i wasnt supposed to tell you that!

so, now not only do i know that sean doesnt know i exist, he also knows that i kinda stalk him....

it just figures....