Sean Texting

Okay so i FINALLY got seans #!!!

He wasnt responding to me this weekend, so i sent him a lot of texts. Apparently he didn't like that, now he's super pissed off at me and wants to block my # from my phone. He says i am really annoying and stuff.

Today i tried to send himn an apology text, explaining the whole situation, but that probably made him even more pissed off.

What he doesn't know is how much i like him, and thast i sent him all of those texts because i missed him. I am kinda OCD over him.

If he blocks my #, i don't know what i am going to do. I would find someone else to like, but i like him too much.

Even if i do find someone else to like, i think i will still like sean.

My ex-bf broke up with me because he found out that i liked sean, even though i only liked him a little bit at that point. I really don't want something like that to happen again.

And, it seemed like me and sean were getting along well until this weekend. I hope i didn't completely ruin my chances.

If anyone knows what i should do about this, please comment. i really need some help.