This morning there was a christmas pageant at church, i didn't want to go, but my mom had to help so she made me go.

i slept late today cuz i was up late watching a movie. The movie was really good! it was Red Riding Hood with Amanda Seyfreid(i think thats how you spell her name) I thought the werewolf was fluffy and cute.

Anyway, my moms like "Come on, we have to go!!!" and i was Like "Nooooo, i didn't eat breakfast!!" As I'm running out the door, i see my big rice crispy treat sitting on the counter.

It must've been in the car overnight, cuz it was FROZEN! i swear, my teeth almost fell out when i bit it. It tasted good though.

Then, during the church play, i just sat there, knawing on a frozen rice crispy treat. i think all of the church people officially hate me now. oh well.