Hoorayyyy I'm so excited, winter break starts today!!!

Today in school we didnt really do anything.

LC= wander around the school with my friend Thomas, giving teachers persents and gradually collecting my own pile of presents

First class=concert

second+third classes=movie

*lunch break*

fourth class= finish movie

fifth class= make towers from spahgetti

Sixth class= watch last 30 minutes of home alone which is basically just watching two stupid guys hurt themselves and hurt by a little kid who was about 50x smarter than they were

*bell rings*= run down hall screaming

This day actually didnt end up being great though, because the movie was TERRIBLE.

It was called "Searching for Bobby Fischer" or something like that. Me and my friend Gabriella were like "OMIGOD it's gonna be a murder mystery!!!!!"

We were wrong. It was this stupid movie about a 7 year-old who was good at chess! He was in chess tournaments and everything!

Doesn't that sound like a great movie?! IF YOU SAID YES TO THAT QUESTION, YOU ARE AN IDIOT.

During the movie, I just drew and talked.

When the movie was over, everyone clapped and cheered.

My friend Jackson yells, "We are clapping because it is over!!!!"

After that, everyone laughed and nodded. Even the teachers seemed to be happy that it was over.

Still, the fact that last year we watched freakin' FINDING NEMO and had to take freakin' NOTES on it is still worst than this.