OATMEAL!!!!! (for real)

OK so theres this awesome website called theoatmeal.com!!!!

Its really funny and random.

there are like quizzes and stuff.

Did you know? according to this site, I could take on 27 vicious Justin Biebers in a fight!!!

There is this one thing called "10 good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth" or something like that.

anyway, yesterday I saw my insane friend Jackson reading the book of the reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth!!!

I was like "OMIGOD!!!!"

So, look up the site! clicky here!!http://theoatmeal.com/

*****FYI, this site is nothing like theOtaku. It has nothing to do with anime, and is honestly much less awesome. Its just funny, so i thought you people should check it out *****