okai, so last night i had a sleepover with luna and lauren.
it was fun at first, but then lauren started SCREAMING!!!!!
I was like "omigod, ur sooo annoying!!! shut the F*** up!!!".
she wouldnt listen!!!!!!
then, later on, me and luna are trying to watch south park (lolz, it was the jersey shore episode) but lauren kept playing with this annoying sound making thing on her kindle fire!!!!
I asked her to stop like 15 BILLION times, but she wouldnt stop!!!

so then i threw a rubix cube at her head
that made her shut up
but then she sat on me

today, i had to go shopping with lauren
it seemed fine, but i guess i did something to pi$$ her off...

we got back to her house, and then she was strangling her sister.
I, of course, tried to save her sister.
i pulled lauren off alexa (her sister) and then lauren TACKLED ME!!!!!
And bit me!!!!! NOw i have a freaking BITE MARK on my arm!!!!

THen, lauren gets up and throws my brand new IPHONE ACROSS THE ROOM!!!!!

Then, she went into an angry rant about how i "thought i was a princess, im too bossy, i made her do what i wanted and she 'had' to follow me, blahblah blah"

Next, she stomped (I hope i spelled that right) out of the room like a 5 year old.
on her way out, she KICKS MY IPHONE!!!!!!

sooooo,,,,, yeahhh....... I am currently very pissed off at her

I swear, that girl HAS to be bi-polar of something....