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Owwww A lot of time without giving news hereabouts XDD.
Well, from yesterday it is the Lucky-week. An entire week dedicated completely to the TykixLavi [D.Gray-man] [14/20 December] If you like this lovely pair do something to celebrate it.
I'm grateful for it to you with all my heart
A few friends and I have opened a forum dedicated to Lucky, only that in Spanish xPP [Tentation Noire]

More news.
I have the Photoshop CS8 and I'm practising very much to be able to do pretty things. This way I can alternate the Photoshop with the PaintShop Pro XD.

Christmas is here and I go forward a bit to say to all: MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR :3 Fulfill your desires and that everything is well in your life.

Ja ne!!