About the title of this page: It has absolutely nothing to do with what I will be posting on this world. Matter of fact, I'll pretty much just post the most random of things. Lolis just happen to tickle my fancy quite a bit I'm not a pedo, I swear.

I'll most likely post about anime, manga, video games, and random artwork here that I don't feel are worth to actually publish. Maybe a few tutorials as well.

Enjoy your stay!

Introduction of sorts?

OK. I'm sure very few people know exactly who I am or anything about me, for that matter, so I'll introduce myself a bit here as a first post. :D

Name: I'll probably end up using my real name every now and then, but just call me whatever you'd like. XD I'd rather not go around advertising my real name all over the place although I say it quite often on places like Tumblr and such.

Age: 19! 2nd year college student starting later this month. ~(=u=)~

Languages: Japanese, English, and Spanish to some extent (I can listen and understand, but can't respond well)

As I've stated on other fanart I have posted in my portfolio here, I do in fact have another account, but decided to have a new start. To show progression, I might use a few of my older art as samples, but in that case, I'll give the link to my stuff, I suppose.

I have a tablet, but I generally like working with traditional art the most; colored pencils in particular (Prismacolor, most of the time). Aside from regular fanart, I also like making random anime/manga/game foods which span from full dishes to little snacks. I generally like making smaller snacks since those take less time, effort, and prior thinking, but all in all, I do enjoy that as well. :'D

As for favorite anime, I can't really say much since I've watched so many anime, but I don't tend to discriminate against genre. I pretty much like watching anything I can get my eyes on. XD Works like Cutey Honey (Flash in particular) and Love Hina had a huge impact on me, and were probably the two main series that got me super hooked into the anime world.

When it comes to games, I don't play too many games in particular, per se, but I do tend to play a large amount of visual novel games as well as otome games, BL games, eroge, etc.

YEAH. That's pretty much me in a nutshell! o/ Hope to post more and make new friends!