Welcome to the lovely love group!
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soooo hope u like the posts. Tell me if they're too stupid.

(if u'r gf/bf is mad or u wanna ask someone out in a romantic way check these out.if u want somethin specific tell me nd i'll make it for u)

Sweet n Cute message!!!

A special LUNCH 4 u,
In de hotel of my Heart,
A boul of love,
A spoon of care,
In the pot of Happiness,
Dish is friendship,
Pay the bill

Lol send it 2 u'r gf or bf ...if u hv one...nd i m pretty sure they'll like it...
Or IF you want to know who someone likes...write this on a secret note nd send it your whoever it is u wanna send it to and thn see who they look at RIGHT AFTER reading the note.

Talking to a WIFE

Man outside phone booth: Excuse me !!
You are holding the phone since 20 mins.
haven't spoken a word..!!!
Man inside: I'm talking to my wife

Having a BoyFriend or GirlFriend is not LOVE

Having someone in your life on whom
You have blind faith that
Even if you hurt them to the extreme
They will still hold your hand & say
"I was, I am, n I will ALWAYS be yours..."
That's Love, That's Life

so cute right?

Someone who makes your life

seem like its worth living,

Someone who makes you feel loved,
protects you, is always there for you.

A boyfriend/girlfriend is also someone
you can define as the light of your life,
the beat of your heart,
the sun in your day
the stars in your night.

(Hilarious) When a Guy does Something Wrong!

Girl : You broke my Favorite Lamp!
Boy : It was an Accident... I didn't mean to..!
Girl : I can't believe you did this.
Boy : I'm Sorry.. !! :(

When a Girl does Something Wrong!

Boy : You Lost My Dog??!!!
Girl : It was an Accident. I didn't mean to!
Boy : I can't believe you did this.
Girl : I already feel bad about it..!! Stop making me feel Worse..!!
Boy : I'm Sorry..!!:(