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Alien Letter

Letter To The Aliens

The Inhabitants of Haxelos (sector VI- A VII), it has come to my attention that you are currently contemplating the invasion, control, and demolition of the human race, a fairly primitive species of humanoids. Under the shadow proclamation VXII, I speak to you in non-hostile conditions, in composed persuasion. Your reasons for this act against the human race are fairly simple in principle; you want to obtain some resources from the planet’s surface (a currently undetected ore with a molecular density particularly useful to you and your people). You plan to continue the pursuit, even if it involves killing the humans. You are afraid they will intervene in your plans. I am advising you to re-think this invasion, and take your business elsewhere.

It comes to my attention you have falsely pricked planet Earth for conquest, when surly, by the mark of simple galactic records; it is clearly not the best choice. I have traveled all across the galaxy; I’ve seen all sorts of planets-uninhabited ones, with far larger deposits of the ore you are so desperate for. You seem to have a sort of obsession with Earth, which is light-years away from your home; this obsession is blinding you from seeing that it isn’t the unsurpassed choice. Would it not be more convenient for you to take the ore from a planet that won’t fight back? If you attack Earth, you will waste time and energy fighting, arguing, and inevitably destroying them, however; if you choose the vacant regions of Iscosis-N-X, you will find easily accessible resources, currently unwanted by any other race. Explaining the logical reasons for moving your plans to another planet may not work, however; so I will also provide you with the real reasons why you should spare the humans.

Humans are fascinating; they are small, stupid creatures that have done no harm to another planet. The only race they hurt is themselves. So tell me why, would it seem right to hurt them for a threat they have not issued? But, if you give them the fighting chance they deserve, it will be shown to you just what the human race Is capable of. Humans will have much to offer other worlds and other peoples in the future, but as they are now, they barely know how to walk. They haven’t made contact with an alien form, or have even stepped out of their own backyards. So by no means, are they a threat to the peoples of Haxelos. They are full of wonder, and no matter what happens, they grow. These beings who started out living in caves and fed on a diet of berries and raw meat, are now thriving in busy cities, full of lights and sounds, and living, and learning. They have kept records of themselves, they have studied their own complex existence, and they have learned from past mistakes. Sure, they still make them, but that is the beauty of it-it helps them create the better future that is in store for them. If you destroy Earth, you will be ridding all of the cosmos of the knowledge that they will have to offer us.

Through my many years of travel, never have I met a group of beings so caring as the humans. Humans perform selfless, acts not demonstrated by any other race. They show love and sympathy regularly, where your people can only show it in times of great stimulus. What you feel for moments at a time they feel All the time. This in itself is a reason to allow them the right to live. You aren’t a superior species, just a more evolved one. These people have created civilizations and have accepted people into their care, sometimes into the care of complete strangers. They are so, human. It would be a waste and a mistake to kill them. They are full of curiosity and speculation, they do things even when they could be self-destructive. They do things even if they could get hurt, or die. They, as a race, would risk everything for the sake of others, or for knowledge. Who are you to destroy all that they have become-and all that they are?

I am optimistic for the human race. I have seen what they can do, and what they will do. They are headed in the right direction, and are tougher than they look, but for different reasons then you think. They aren’t a threat to you, or anyone. If you allow them to evolve, they could offer the galaxy, and you, so much more then ore, but if you kill them, what will you gain in comparison. I hope you make the right decision, and take your conquest to the outermost region of the universe, or I will have to use force. So I strongly suggest you crack on and come up with decision. And for your sake, I do hope you make the right one. I don’t give second chances.
The Doctor

…just The Doctor


this was an assignment for my Myth, Sci-fi,fantasy class. My teacher wanted us to write an essay to a made-up race of aliens (we get to make them) with reasons why you shouldn't (or should, if you are really that pessimistic) destroy the earth. Everyone is writing from their perspective. I came up with this idea, and it just sort of spring-boarded from there. I am happy with it. so...what do you think of it?


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