please continue

please continue with what you are doing with your characters; i believe you all are in the adacemy right now. so please start the role play there while i work on the kage stuff. thank you =^^=

My OC ^^

Rank: Academy Student Username: Littlepooch (Though, Poochy is fine with me ^^) Name: Yotoma Chitzuru Clan: Chitzuru Clan. It’s symbol is 2 overlapping stars. Age: 12 Description: She wears a silver tank top and...

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temporary sensei.

{sorry for spelling}

i, shikamori Shikan Heintz, will be the temporary acadamey sensei. if you are new at this academy, then please begin you first day by introducing yourselves to eachother and after that you may show me your strenths and weaknesses. so that we can work on them. :)


shadow realm

Rank: academy student


name: Garuda Sai

Clan: Sai Clan

Age: 13


Speciality: Genjutsu & Ninjutsu

Chakra types: {demon approved}
Fire, Earth, Lighting.

Signature jutsu: "Hell raising"
description will come later.

Bloodline traits:

Taijutsu style: Shorryu Reppa

Basic jutsu:

Learned jutsu:

Summioning: Small snake summioning, still working on it.

weapons: many Katanas, smoke bomb, demon wind shurriken.

Chihaku Megami XD

Rank: Academy Student Username: inufluffy12 Name: Chihaku Megami Clan: (may I have a clan?) Clan: the megami clan was said to have decended from the goddess Sora(I made her up XD) The clan's symbol is a bird and their bloodlin...

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