Welcome all the the Miazakia clan's family home.Make yourself at home.The kitchens to the right & the restroom is to the left.XD funnyiness aside.Really make yourself's at home here.Post or comment want to,I don't care.^^

New world!

Hey everyone!I just made a world for my .Hack fanfic.I hope you guys read it as it comes out & tell me what you think.


Can some one help me...I have all these pics I drew on my laptop but when ever I try to put them on here..their to big or have to much memroy to them...help?


Alright,This happened Thursday night & it really ticked me off....okay,one of my moms dogs pulled on the power to my PS2.It fell down & out popped my Odin Sphere disc.Lets just say my gfame is ruined & one dog almost got hurt....