enjoy the world of a high school built for monsters and other strange beings.
The school gates open as soon has i get teachers. :)

schools open!

school is open and i, Shikamori will be the first teacher for all colored teams for now, because there is a lack of students and teachers. for now we will be condensing all classes into one room but at each different period bell, we will change subjects. if you are enrolled here you may start your first day here at Monster High!


Reika Kamichi

Username: inufluffy12
Character's Name: Reika Kamichi
Age: 14
Pic/ description: Short, thin, pale. Silver hair and red eyes. Wears a chocker around her neck with a pendant in it that seals her powers unless she needs them
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Powers: Compulsion (very weak), speed, strength
Job: Student
Bio: She's friendly, but can be bossy at times. If she's mean to you, normaly it means she likes you (as a friend)
Team: Blue
Earth Science
Foreign Langauge
Study Hall
Computer Sciences

[U][B]number 1 rule[/B][/U]

sorry i forgot the number one rule for this world-->

since this school is ment to introduce a sense of blending in with the humans (become part of their world) everyone must stay human form unless allowed by headmaster or teacher {only for special reasons} [we all know that kids like to break rules though]


please feel free to post comments on anything here at any time.


there are the main gates to the school grounds.
The main pathway.
The 5 story school building.
The baseball, soccer, football, track feilds.
The martial Arts training dojo and feild.
The public hot spring bath, male and female seperated by a 20 foot wall.
Male and female dorms. one hundred rooms in each dorm. 2 to 4 people in each room unless an honor student then you may beable to get either a one person room or a multi person housing.
The swimming pool.