Welcome to my new world, i was thinking about this ,I watch so many movies i chose to make a qorld about it.So If you want me to review any movie PM me or Comment on here, soon their will be a Critic from the new Friday the 13th part 3 3D also, My bloody valentine (ORIGINAL), AND disaster moie!thanks bye-xxx-

Deviant art!

Hey everyone:P Nobody is probally lookking at this i hope some of you are...over the past year i was confussed if i liked anime and manga anymore,and i realised i didnt but i stilll do appreciate the art of it and because of that i decided to make myself an account on deviant art where i could post my writing..which i love to do:P I wish you could give me some feedback my account is :chrisquislin ....thanks again ;) I love u guys outhere :D

Long time no see!

Hey People,i havent been on here for a while!Im not into anime anymore but i love so many people out theyre that i used to be friends with!:D So many i seriously cant mention!All i know is that soon im going to start posting again!:DIm going to make myself a new acount and post again!I hope that many of you talk to me:P Because i feel like many of my old friends out theyre forgot about me!But i hope not!


my new acount name is : superstansceneboy

Hope ya'll add me !!!

Byes But hellos

Hey everyone i made a new acount on theotaku!!!Not sure if im gonna delete this one yet!! My new acount is SuperstaNsceneBoy !!!YAY

Soon to come!

Soon to come of reviews...The hitcher, red eye, and night of the living dead( Remake) (None 3D)