Could There Be Any More Drama!

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I leaned on the rail of the white yacht while I thought to myself why on earth I was on this boat heading for a reality show. Oh yeah, my mother thought it would be a great idea. I smiled to myself since it was a good idea because I don’t have to spend the whole summer at home with my insane family, but still was it worth being with 22 other teens as we all make complete asses out of ourselves while cameras get it all on tape only to have it play on tv where everyone in the world can see who stupid we are? Well as now I have no idea. As the boat continued its journey I can faintly make out the dock of an island. I pushed a few strains of raven colored hair that fell from my messy bun. I became very nervous . I started to bit my lower lips a small nervous tic I had since I was a little girl. My fair skin looked a bit more pale if that was even possible making my vivid blue eyes even more brighter. I remember what my mother said to me just before I left home. She hated the way I dress so today was the same thing as every day. I choose to wear a black t-shirt that had white writing that said “To Write Love On Her Arm”, Tripp Black Pyramid Stud Dark Street Pants, black and white Converse All Star Low Tops. She started with “ You shouldn’t wear such things. Wear something more lady like. Maybe something from American Eagle.” then I will come up with something along the lines of “I do, but I like stuff from Hot Topic and Spencer.” and with that I turned and walked out the door. Yeah, I am not ever close with my mom. I am a total daddy’s girl and I love it. He calls me is girly boy because I am tough and I love sports, but I can still be a bit girly with my hair and stuff like that.

Finally the yacht pulled up to the dock. Once I got my bags I walked off onto the dock and was greeted the host Chris.

“You must be Raven. Welcome to Total Drama Island.” he said as she shook my hand.

“Thanks.” I said as I let go and walked over to the other campers.

“Ok first things first we need a group shot for the promos. Everyone at the end of the dock.” Chris said as he waved us over to the end of the dock.

//I have a really bad feeling about this.// I thought as I walked over and stood next to this guy with black and green hair while Chris jumped up to the bow of the yacht.

“Ok 1. 2. 3.” he said as he clicked the picture after three.

“Opps. OK forgot the leans cap.,” he said as he clicked the button for the leans cap. “Ok, hold that pose.” I looked straight a head with no smile.

“Ok 1. 2. 3.…. Oh wait cards full. Hang on.” he said. I let out a small sigh.

“What is with this guy.” I muttered as I said that another girl said.

“Come on no my face is starting to freeze.” Said the girl with the tan short with what looked like apples or something on the front of it. I got here too late to get their names.

“Ok got it now everyone say Wawanakwa.” he said as he was really to take the picture.

“Wawanakwa.” everyone said in union as we said that we all heard a cracking sound before we could do anything about it the dock fell out from under us sending all of us down into the water below as Chris snapped the picture. As we surfaced we all looked at Chris.

“Ok guys dyr off and meet at the camper fire pit in ten.” he said. I glared at him. Somehow I thing he planed this because he didn’t look shocked at all when the dock broke. Its going to be a long summer I thought as I swam ashore.

~After Drying off ~

We all meet at the camper fire pit. As I sat down I heard the girl next to me say.

“I bet he plan that.” I turned to look at her. She was a little bit paler then I am. Her hair was black with green highlights in it. Her lipstick matched her highlights. She wore I black shirt with green and blue sleeves and a black and green skirt. Black leggings with black knee high boots. Totally kick ass.

“So I am not the only one who thinks that..” I said as smiled at her. She smiled back.

“Yeah he was not surprised when we fell so he had to have done something to the dock.” she said.

“Yeah he probably did. I’m Raven by the way nice to meet you.” I said as I held out my hand to her. She took it.

“I’m Gwen. Same here.” She said as she let go of my hand and turned back around as Chris began to speak to the group.

“This is camp Wawanakwa. Your home for the next eight weeks. The campers sitting around you will be your cabin mates, you competition, and maybe even your friends. Ya dig. The camper who mangers to stay on total drama island the longest with out getting voted off will win one hundred thousand dollars.” he explained to us. The guy with the black and green hair walked out to the front of the group.

“Excuse me what will the sleeping arrangements be because I would like to request a bunk under her.” he said pointing to a preppy looking girl. //What a pig, but a cute pig. // I thought.

“Their not co-ed are they?” The preppy girl asked Chris.

“No, girls get one side of each cabin and dudes get the other.” he said. I sighed. //well I lest I don’t have to sleep with one eye open tonight.// I thought as a blond good with a look on her face that screamed air head raised her hand and said.

“Excuse me Kyle, can I get a cabin with a lake view since I’m the prettiest.” she said. Well I guess the way she looks speaks volumes because that had to be the most shallowest thing I have ever heard anyone say. I guess she must be the dumb blond here.

“Ok you are, but that is not really how it works here and its Chris.” he said. OK now that was just wrong. Then another girl spoke up.

“Ok I have to live with Sadie or I’ll die.” She said as she grabbed Sadie’s hand. They both had their hair in pigtails. Both had off the shoulder black and white tops that showed off their mid drift and both had pink short shorts on and also their shoes were pink as well. There was no way they could be twins. They looked nothing alike. The girl who spoke up hand tan skin and was very skinny compared to her look alike who was a little on the lighter side and I must say was very brave to where that kind of shirt with her shape. I can see that those two will be getting on my last nerve with their whole twin act going on.

“And I’ll break out in hives. Its true.” said Sadie. OK I don’t really think that could happen.

“This can not be happening.” Gwen said as she rested her head on her hand. I turned to look at her.

“I’m afraid so. I don’t think it could be any sapper then that. I just hope that both of them will be on any team I‘m not on because I would never want to heard them together.” I said with a board face.

“I second that one.” She said with a smile as both of us turned around as a big guy grabbed both of us in a head lock.

“awwww come on guys. It’ll be fun. Its like a big sleep over.” he said.

“At lest we don’t have to sleep next to him.” I said looking at Gwen when I saw out of the corner of my eye the green haired guy had a deer in a head lock and was giving him a nookie. How in the world did he even get a deer to come near him much less give it a nookie. Poor thing. Gwen saw where I was looking and then looked back at me with a look that said I am thinking the same thing you are.

“Here’s the deal we are going to spilt you into two teams,” he said as he took out a list. “If I call your name out go stand over there.” he said pointing over to the other side of the camper fire pit. I took this time to find out who some of these people are.

“Gwen, Raven, Trent, Heather, Cody, Lindsay, Beth, Katie, Owen, Le Shawna, Justin, and Noah. From this moment on your are officially known as,” he said as her though us a green sheet which Owen caught and unfurled to revile what looked like to be a bad drawing of a chipmunk. “The Screaming Gofers.” I think I would have rather gone with the chipmunk.

“Yeah, I’m a gofer. Wow.” Owen said with a huge smile.

“Wait what about Sadie.” Katie cried out as she looked at Sadie.

“The rest of you over here Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, Tyler, Sadie, Izzy, Courtney, Ezekiel, Duncan, Eva, and Harold. Move. Move .Move. “ Chris barked at the them. Sadie stayed next to Courtney.

“But, Katie is a gofer. I have to be a gofer.” She whined. God could those two grow the hell up a bit. Courtney leaned over and put a hand on Sadie’s shoulder.

“Sadie is it. Come on it’ll be ok.” She said as she began to lead Sadie away. While she saw saying this was unfair. Well you know what live is not fair. Katie started to cry about missing Sadie. While Chris named the team Killer Bass.

“Alright campers. You and your team will be on camera on all public areas during this completion. You will also be able to share your inner most thoughts on tape with video dairies any time your want. Let the people back home know what your are really thinking or just get something off your chest..” he explained to us and let each of us take a turn to say something on the video dairy. When it was my turn I just looked at the camera and said.

“This sucks to far and it will just keep on sucking till someone wins. Wow what in the world did I get myself into? Whatever.” I said as I got up and left.

“Alright any questions?” Chris asked us. When no one raised their hands he when on. “Cool. Les find your cabins.” he said as he turned around and began walking away as we all followed him. He walked till we ended up in front of two cabins.

“Gofers you are in the east cabin. Bass you are in the west.” he said pointing to each cabin. The teams spilt up and went to their cabins. Heather opened the door to your cabin and seen that we had bunk beds.

“Bunk beds? Itsn’t this a little summer camp.” she said as she stood in the door way with gwen right behind her.

“That’s the idea genius.” Gwen said as she pushed passed Heather.

“Shut up weird Goth girl.” Heather snapped at Gwen as the rest of us walked into the cabin. Cody walked up to Gwen.

“Your so smart. I feel that.” he said. The look on Gwen’s face was priceless.

“ Shouldn’t you be on the boy’s side.” she said as she turned around and put her hands on her hip to look at Cody. Cody just smiled at her. She then picked him up and though him from the cabin right pass Le Shawna. I walked over to Gwen.

“Looks like some one has a crush on you already.” I said as I pick the bunk next to her.

“Don’t even start there Rae.” Said she as she began to unpack. I laughed a little and also began unpacking. As Gwen and I walked out of the cabin we passed Lindsay who had another oh-so-brighten-question for Chris.

“Where are the outlets I have to pug in my stringing iron.” she said.

“There are some in the communal bath rooms. Just across the way.” he said as he pointed to what I would call a shack.

“Communal bath rooms? But, I’m not catholic.” she said. Man she better hope her looks never fade or else she will have no way to get though life.

“Not communion. communal.” he stressed out for her. I still don’t think she got it.

“It means we shower together idiot.” I said as I walked passed her and sat down on the steps. I watched her eyes get big.

“Oh no come on.” She began to cry. I saw Trent, Owen, and Noah all come out of their cabin to see what was going on. I head Owen say.

“ I am so glad we are in our own cabin with just us guys. You know what I mean.” he laughed. Trent and Noah gave him a look. I think they think he is gay which is what I thought where I first seen him too.

“ I mean no I didn’t mean it like that. I love chicks. I just don‘t want to sleep near them. I mean…..” he said as he laughed as Trent and Noah went back into the cabin with a ranting Owen behind them. All of a sudden and blood curling scream came from our cabin. Every camper rushed over to see what was the matter. As we all looking inside we saw Lindsay on a stool screaming her blond head off over a little tree roach.

“Man that white girl can scream.” Le Shawna said. We all walked into the cabin. When DJ saw the roach he let out a girly scream and climbed into one of the top bunks. Oh my god now I seen it all a guy who screams like a girl over a small bug that will do nothing to them. I rolled my eyes. A few other and myself tried to stomp on the roach as it passed us by, but it was a little to fast for us all. It wasn’t till Duncan got a axe and chopped the roach in half did most of the girls and DJ clamed down. He turned to look at me.

“Your safe now babe.” he said with a smirk as he straightened up. I rolled my eyes.

“I wasn’t in danger from a cock roach that wouldn’t do anything to me and my name isn’t babe. Its Raven.” I said as I turned my back on him and walked out of the cabin.

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