hey this is samuraigirl122 from MyO! welcome to my site i guess or should i say world. lol! well i guess this is where im gonna put up all my posts and updates. so anyways...hope you guys have fun in my site like you usually did back at my old site! ill try to update as much as i can^^

my awesome info stationXD lol!

name: Danielle

b-day: 5/10/1991

ethnicity: filipino/1/4 chinese (so ppl wont get confused when they see a pic of me^_^)

nicknames: beanie-grl or ninja_shrimp

likes: reading mangas, playing videogames, chatting and drawing anime characters

dislike: rude ppl and ppl who steal other ppls artwork.

well im hoping to put my art work on otaku for every one to see^^ still trying to get used to the new myO but im getting here=D

if you happen to stop by sign my guestbook^^ oh and if you guys ever wanna talk just PM me or we can talk on aim^^ my sn is the same, samuraigirl122!

anime faire tomorro!

two daya ago i went to san jose state university. it was a fieldtrip i got to skip most of school!! yay me! but yet i still had to go to 4th blockT_T but it went by quickly so its all good. anyways....we took a tour around the campus. i thought it wa a big campus. but my friend said that there was a bigger oneo_O lol!! san jose has a huge library. it has like 8 floors=O so big! after the tour we had lunch at the student union. the students food court. me and my friends had jamba juice and burger kind. i hug out with my friends daniel eduardo maria ashley kaial and kirstie. after neating lunch we walked around somemore and went to the kiosk that had the cool hats and clothes. maria bought me a hat its like an early b-day present^^ she also bought her self 1 we actually 2 hats>.< hte good thing is that they cost 15 bucks with no tax!! so awesome! well we stayed in san jose state till like 12:45 and headed back to schoolT_T

my friends like my hat especially my friend martin....lol!! he waers it sometimes leaving me to wear my kyo beanieXD. anywys today my stomach was aching cuz i didnt eat anything for hte whole day. but i didnt feel it till like lunch timeT_T but now its ok. i ate hella when i got home.

tomorro im goin to an anime faire here in fremont. actually im gonna help out with my friends. for service learning hours. i got 25 already and need 40 to graduate high school. im gonna have fun at the anime faire but to bad i dont have anyone to cosplay as=( too lazy to make a costume

have art hw^-^

current mood

yup the title says it all i have art hwXD not all that exciting. i just have to finish coloring my picture! well i have a drawing request from my friend paula. she wants me to draw kanda yuu from d. gray man. so im gonna draw him for her. im planning to give it to her for he b-day since its next month! well speaking of be day..... mine is in.....22 more days!! lol!!

enough about art....its finaly the weekend! yay!! no more school for the week. im glad too many tests and quizzes this week. and not to mention hw=( i have a dentist appointment tomorrow at one. my daily cleaning for my teeth. yup yup. i might go to san francisco on sunday with my friend carae for her b-day. well it was last sunday but oh well.

hot weather is gone for now...

well monday and today its like cold and windy. wat the heck happened to the warm weather? the weather is weird sometimes. but oh well guess thats mother nature for ya...lol!!

im stuck doin chem hw again=( but theyre easy, which is good. oh and i found out that i got an A on my pre cal test!! yay! i thought id get a bad grade or something. but it looks like i didnt^_^ im so happy. but my grade didnt raise much still a B but thats still good in my book^^

two more months and school is over!! yay!! summer is almost here. but theres testing in two weeks. stupid star testing. dont like taking those tests every year. seniors dont have to take them they suck=P lol!

hmmm to make things different ill put the things im currently reading or watching(dont have much to talk about...lol!)

currently reading:
fly by night by: Frances Hardinge
vampire knight
beauty pop
gentlemen's alliance

currently waching:
one tree hill
pushing daisies
full house(korean)
romantic princess(taiwanese drama)

its becoming hot again=O

well im hella hot right now>.< well not that hotXD i feel like goin swimming but cant this week. cant for some reasons. if youre a girl i think you know wat i mean^^ well all weekend ive been playing on my DS. i need to get new videogames. i havent gotten anything new for a while. well anyways ive been playing kingdom hearts: chain of memories. i love playing kingdom hearts. ive finished the game like 5 times...lol!! i already finished my hw so now im bored and hot. but man my chem teacher gave us like 3 worksheets and had to write note on ch.7 but oh well i finished most of it in class and plus i had my friends to help me so im good.

well right now im on the computer post on theO, trying submit more drawings, and toher stuff. i think ill go on gaia and play pinball lol!

oh yea look:

this is me on gaia. someone on gaia made it for me^_^

submitting drawings...hopefully lol!!

yo! well this week was boring like usual. today was the last day to turn in grades for the teachers. every class had like tests today. i had a pre cal test today. it was hard. but i think i passed my test. hopefully anyways one more moth till my birthdays yay! well its in like 29 days. im gonna be turning 17! well its not all that special.

okay enoguh about my day....lol!! im gonna try to submit my drawings finally. ive been trying to to that for the past few years but im too lazy to scan them and put them on otaku...lol!! but finally im gonna try to submit more of my drawings^_^ i guess its my fault for being to lazy