hey this is samuraigirl122 from MyO! welcome to my site i guess or should i say world. lol! well i guess this is where im gonna put up all my posts and updates. so anyways...hope you guys have fun in my site like you usually did back at my old site! ill try to update as much as i can^^

my awesome info stationXD lol!

name: Danielle

b-day: 5/10/1991

ethnicity: filipino/1/4 chinese (so ppl wont get confused when they see a pic of me^_^)

nicknames: beanie-grl or ninja_shrimp

likes: reading mangas, playing videogames, chatting and drawing anime characters

dislike: rude ppl and ppl who steal other ppls artwork.

well im hoping to put my art work on otaku for every one to see^^ still trying to get used to the new myO but im getting here=D

if you happen to stop by sign my guestbook^^ oh and if you guys ever wanna talk just PM me or we can talk on aim^^ my sn is the same, samuraigirl122!

school is back in session >w<

well the title says it all! school is offically back in session...at least for some ppl. some ppl in the other hand get like another 3 weeks of vacation before actually going back to school. darn you ppl!! lol! j/k! lets just hope that those ppl who are still on vacation spend those last few weeks of summer wisely cuz once school starts again youre going have to wait another year till summer vacation x3

so anyways i guess ill just ramble on a well anything that comes to mind. im just here on one of the computers in the library waiting for my next class to start which isnt for like another hour. yup 1 hour of nothing to do. since i dont have my books yet i cant realyl do my homework. im just too lazy to ask the librarian if they have a pre cal book that i can use so i can do my pre cal hwXD so yea this year i have 4 classes(12 units) and they are: english, pre cal alg, astronomy 1, and cultural anthropolgy. this is by the way my second day of school. i have to try and make new friends again. but i found out that there are a few ppl that were in my classes last year that are in my classes again this year. how odd can that be? but theyre mostly the ppl i didnt like who are in my class againTT^TT but oh well i guess ill just have to deal with them again this year O_@

ok enough about school....xp so i havent submitted any ecards or artwork in a while a long while. i guess i jsut have nothing to draw or create. i need something good interesting to draw. any suggestions? so who cant wait to watch all the fall shows that are premiering next week and on the week of the 20th? i know i am!! i cant wait to watch castle and greys anatomy and all those other shows ppl like to watch on tv. all the summer shows are now ending well some are already over but the rest are ending sometimes this month! i dont know how much ppl are actualy gonna read this but who cares. im just bored and need something to do for an hour...which is not 30 mins before my next class starts >w< man this looks like im writing an essay for my english class...lol! so yea i guess im done rambling for now. i have nothing else to say anyways and plus i havent written anything on here in a while either. so till next time~~ *grabs backpack and starts walking to class*

hey ppls!!

current mood:

hey ppl in otaku! i havent posted anything on otaku in so long=O its been a while hasnt it...lol!! anyways....otaku hasnt been that great as it was before. but im still trying to get used to the new look. in my opinion i liked the old version better. but anyways how is everybody doin?? i stillhave to find my friend from myotaku. i dont know if they still go on otaku anymore=( but thats why if gona find them=) well im on spring break right now. last week fried my brain. i had like test all week. but luckly i passed my pre cal test!! yay! i bet my break is gona be so boring but ill try to find stuff to do during my break^_^ ill probly go ice skating with my friends if theyre not busy. hope theyre noto_O lately ive been on gaia and watching asian dramas again. ive also been playing video games and reading mangas. but im not on the computer as much. i blame the hw and studyin...lol!! hopefully over the break i would upload stuff on put it on otaku i havent done that in a while. well this is alli have to write and talk about. ill try to update my site if i get a chance too. well talk to you ppl later!!