hey this is samuraigirl122 from MyO! welcome to my site i guess or should i say world. lol! well i guess this is where im gonna put up all my posts and updates. so anyways...hope you guys have fun in my site like you usually did back at my old site! ill try to update as much as i can^^

my awesome info stationXD lol!

name: Danielle

b-day: 5/10/1991

ethnicity: filipino/1/4 chinese (so ppl wont get confused when they see a pic of me^_^)

nicknames: beanie-grl or ninja_shrimp

likes: reading mangas, playing videogames, chatting and drawing anime characters

dislike: rude ppl and ppl who steal other ppls artwork.

well im hoping to put my art work on otaku for every one to see^^ still trying to get used to the new myO but im getting here=D

if you happen to stop by sign my guestbook^^ oh and if you guys ever wanna talk just PM me or we can talk on aim^^ my sn is the same, samuraigirl122!


it looks like i havent written on my world in soooo longXD lol! sorry for that=) i couldnt think of anything to write or there wasnt anything interesting happening that is worth sayingXd but i guess i should at least writing something once in a while. i think its been like a year or a few months since i last posted something....lol!! well im posting something now right before class i might add...=3

so anyways how is everybody doin? im doin fine just started college like a few months ago. and still getting a hang of it. but to me its like highschool in a way. my school goes by semester so im kinda used that system. so besides me talking about school >w< its almost halloween!! in just about three days till the day we all get free candy and get to dress up. but for all the cosplayers out there it would be like dressing up for an anime convention.....lol! so i guess you guys are used to thatXD but for the rest of us it would be the day to dress up as anyting scary or ur favorite character=) well ill have to finish this later as you can see i have to get to class now i have to do math so ill update this when i get home from school! later!