anime faire!!

i had so much fun at the anime faire!! i had to wake up at 7amT_T although i had to work there for a while i still had fun. i made new friends^^ meet new ppl too^^ though the lady assigned us stuff to do was evil and scary. i didnt like her. neither did the other ppl who worked there. after my shift was done i went and walked around the faire bought stuff and hung out with my friends. but i had to babysit my friend, martin's, niece nephew and sister. martin went to a korean restaurant for two hours but he still owes me. big time. anyways.....i bought my friends ivy and paula something from the faire. i bought ivy a hitsugaya card and paula a death note keychain^^ i know theyre gona like it& i also won a door prize from a raffle. i got a gaia t-shirt! i wa so happy. i didnt think i would win a raffle. but i did put my name in twice hehe!!=P i end up staying there till like 5:30XD but who cares i had so much fun except for the part where i had to!!