Birthday/Mother's Day weekend=D

this weekend was hella fun except for the part where i got the time of the month. my stomach was cramping alot todayT_T but i took some advil and out a hot bottle of water on my stomach. now im totally fine^^

yesterday was my b-day! i am now 17 yo! i had so much fun yesterday. although some of my friends couldnt make it=( its was sad. actually not alot of ppl came to my party. at least two of my friends came maria and martin. we went swimming and had like hella food. OMG=O so much pizza like six!! of course we didnt finish it all but i took some home. i was at my moms house for my b-day if you guys wanted to know^^ anyways we also played foose ball, air hockey and pool. took hella pictures too. lots of random pictures. before i took my friends home we were watching the mysterious ticking noise video and we recored ourselves saying wat the potter puppets were!! it was so funny. i end up being hermione harry and voldemortXD we did it two times. but man my friend martin can eat alotO_o he eats more than my!! the good thing is that even if my friends didnt come to my b-day they still greeted me^_^ i have such good friends. even the forums im on even greet!! but then again they always greet you happy b-day.

ok now moving on to today. mothers day was ok. i guess. we ate spaghetti and had the left overs from my b-day. we had alot of leftovers. we watched movies all day. oh i forgot to mention that my friend martin end up spending the night. he watched movies with us. he says that i woke him up this morning....lo!! but i didnt its not my fault that i cant sleep in on the weekends. the curse of saturday morning!! anyways we took him home aroung 2 since he had to be home by four. we when we got back home we watched more moviesXD i took a nap though=P oh and to make today even worse i got my you know wat for this month. really sucks but the good thing is that i didnt have it on my b-day.

well i guess that sums up wat i did this weekend. im goin to bed now since i have to go to school tomorro....ewww school. but the good thing is that theres like about 27 more days left of school!! yay! but im gonna be a senior next yearT_T im getting oldXD lol!! but if you saw me you wouldnt think that id look like im 17. i look like i can still be in junior high or a sophomoreXD dont worry i get it all the time so im ok with it. im to you guys later!