Blah Blah Blah

wow its been a while since i blogged on hereXD lol!! i guess im not that into blogging or just not good at itxD but what ever its just a place where i can just rant whether ppl read it or not=) have you guys been?? sorry for not posting anything in a while(a very long while x3) ive just been busy with school and stuff(im in college now btw) so much essays to write...ahhhh >3< thanks got thats only for english class..hehe!! im almost done with my first year or college. i just got my priority date to sign up for next years classes.

ok enough about school that subject is getting kinda boring...hehe xp ok so ive been spending most of my time on facebook and tinierme. i have to say that tinierme is kinda better than gaia. sorry gaia fans now facebook on the other hand is way way better than myspace and faster too. i think everybody is moving over to facebook. it just has more things to do than myspace. dont you guys think so? so any new mangas out there for me to read? or any new anime out there to watch? well im gona stop there for today dont really have much to say! but hopefully ill have more to say tomorrow or well whenever i feel like blogging again hehe! so later ppl from theO