fanime con! 08!

yesterday i went to my first fanime con. the one in san jose. that was my b-day present from my friend martin^^ thanks martin for bringing me to the fanime con! it was so much fun!! i brought my best friend maria to the fanime con too^^ omg!! me and her were lkike noobs. i mean we werent all dressed up and stuff. my god there was alot of ppl dressed up and yea i know its an fanime con. but wow. i didnt know that all those ppl like to cosplay^^ i didnt buy that much tho. i wanted to but me and maria said that we should remind eachother not to buy useless things. i bought a new beanie and two shirts from tea club. thats a manga pmbq made. i really like their stuff. its cute. and it has pandas. now who can hate pandas that looks so cute??? lol!! my friend maria bought lots of clothes. actually she spent all her mony thereO_o she brought like $200. now thats alot to spend at a fanimec con. oh and some one a guitar that was signed by this one band. sorry i forgot wat their name was^_^' well anywas i spent my whole day in san jose. san jose is now my 2nd favorite city in california^^ of course my first is san francisco.

ok now for the good!! ok i was about to get picked up and then out of nowhere me and my friends get free tickets to see AN CAFE!!! i mean i didnt really know much about that band but my friends filled me in^^ ok anyways this was our first concert too. the line for this concert was hella long. it almost circled the auditorium building. but i guess it was worth the wait. we also gave a gift to An Cafe. we gave them our free hug sign! and guess wat it appeared on the drum set of An Cafe! me and my friends were like "OMG thats our flag!!!" we weer really happy that our flag was up there! we also put our names on the back so An Cafe will know who gave it to them^^ oh and there were no cameras allowed at the conert=( sucks but oh well. if you were caught then you would have to leave or go at the back of the line. which really sucks by the way. so maria had to hide her camera and martins camera in her bag of clothes she bought. it was a close call cuz the were searching out bags to see if there were cameras in it. i screamed my lungs out at the concert yesterday. i had a sore throat for the rest of the day=( wasnt too bad. anyways yeasterday was the best sunday ever!! i hope im goin to next years fanime con! cant wait to see An Cafe again at their next conert in the US. oh did i mention that it was their first concert in the US!! AN CAFE you rock!!!