almost summer vacation!!

hey i havent been on in a while. sorry about that but was really bus with school and stuff. i had to study for the SAT that i took last saturday. man that test was hard. im hoping that id get a high school or somewhere near a high score>.< well anyways im still in school i get out of school next wednesday=( finals next week>.< ahhh! i donthave to worry as much i dont have much finals. just pre cal and chemistry^_^ yay! well i just cant wait till summer break so i canfinally sleep in which im proly not gonna do as much since im not used to waking up in the middle of the afternoon. well if you want to know im in school at the moment doin nothing. just the library ta and the librarian isnt here and neither is her son. she took him to a doctor's appointment. i realy want this day to be over well just the school part of the day. after school is over im goin to union city and hang out with my friends. were gonna watch the happening.

anyways this summer im probly gonna put more of my artwork that i was planning to put on otaku a long time ago but never had the time toXD well this summer i will and ill be on otaku like all day mostly well not on al day but ill be on gaia all day so if you guys have a gaia account come hang put with me there if you want that is^_^ well since im still in school im gonna stop here for now i might get in trouble for posting stuff since im not allowed to do stuff like this in schoolXD well talk to you guys later!